That Hitler wanted Stalin, if captured him prisoner

History 22/01/20 That Hitler wanted Stalin, if captured him prisoner

There is only one direct evidence of this kind. However, it belongs to the time when the Third Reich at all desire could not defeat the Soviet Union.

Later, the testimony of Ribbentrop

Former foreign Minister of Nazi Germany Joachim von Ribbentrop in the days of the Nuremberg Tribunal (sentencing Ribbentrop Pact, among the leaders of the Third Reich, to be hanged), he recorded the memory of a conversation with Hitler, shortly after the defeat of the Wehrmacht at Stalingrad, in early 1943.

Hitler supposedly said about Stalin: “this example once again shows what great value can have one person for the whole of the nation. Any other people after the crushing blows received in 1941-1942, no doubt, would have been broken. If Russia did not happen, his victory Russian people must only iron hardness of this man, of indomitable will and heroism that encouraged and led the people to continue the resistance. Stalin this is the big enemy, which he [Hitler] is in worldview and militarily. If he ever gets into his hands, he will give him all my respect and will provide the most beautiful castle in all of Germany. But free, added Hitler, he was such an opponent will never let you.”

of Course, to implement such a plan was not enough to defeat the Soviet Union – had yet to catch in their hands the living Stalin. It is characteristic, moreover, that the plan against his enemy came to Hitler only after the defeat at Stalingrad and under the impression (if this is not fiction Ribbentrop Pact, so as to refute his testimony was no one left). Undoubtedly, the attitude towards Stalin in the period of the great victories of the Wehrmacht in 1941, Hitler had to be completely different. But if Germany had the chance to defeat the Soviet Union, only then.

“Commissar Order” as an indicator

the Key is the attitude of Hitler to Stalin in this period lies in his book “My struggle” in his public speeches, and especially in the famous “Commissar order”. In his fundamental book, a kind of “Bible” of the Third Reich, Hitler believed the Communists to be enemies worthy of respect, not only because of the ideological Gulf separating them from the Nazis, but because of “racial inferiority”. Russia, was convinced Hitler, after 1917 was seized by the Jews and Asians. And if Stalin was not a Jew, he certainly fit the definition of Asian-Bolshevik and, therefore, were “untermensch”.

on 30 March 1941, Hitler addressed the highest ranks of the Wehrmacht on the upcoming campaign against Russia. He stated the need to destroy the Bolshevik Commissars, as the bearers of a hostile world, as the next war is, first and foremost, a war of ideologies. Based on the installation of Hitler, the high command of the Wehrmacht gave 6 June 1941, the well-known order signed by General field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel (also hanged after the war at Nuremberg). The order was forbidden to take the captured political officers of the red army and the Communists.

In practice, this order was carried out not always, particularly in relation to senior commanders of the red army, to surrender in German captivity, but among these generals, the majority were Communists. It was also a lot of political officers of the red Army, defected to the enemy and later collaborated with him. For example, brigade Commissar Georgy Zhilenkov became the head of propaganda Andrew Vlasov collaborationist “Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia”.

“Commissar Order” caused negative attitude and sabotage on the part of many commanders of the Wehrmacht, especially in group of armies “Center” (commanders — Theodore von Bock and günther von Kluge). The reason for this attitude was rational: the order ne left Commissars of the red Army other choice but excite the fanaticism of the soldiers. “Commissar order” has achieved the opposite effect, increasing the resistance of the red Army, particularly its command and the political composition of the Germans.

But this order is characterized as the ratio of Hitler and the Third Reich tops to their opponents in the USSR. About any “a beautiful castle” for Stalin, Hitler during this period clearly did not think. You can guess exactly what would expect of Stalin in the event of his capture by the Wehrmacht in 1941 or even 1942 – immediate execution or execution only after the ritual dramatization of “the trial of Bolshevism.” But it is the small details.

However, it looks unlikely even in the case of capture by German troops and advance them at least up to the Urals. You can also fantasize about being continued by Stalin resistance to the Nazis somewhere from the depths of Siberia, or would have died in the battle for the Kremlin. But it is alive in the hands of his enemies, he would not have given, as was given to Hitler.

Yaroslav Butakov

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