As a member of parliament from the party of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky has put in the mess. Not only were chatting with a married Bogdan Jaremenko, on his cell phone with a prostitute, and he did it in the middle of a session of the national assembly. A local news site managed to get pictures of the conversation.

click On the photos to see how the 48-year-old Jaremenko, is an ex-diplomat to the terms and conditions will discuss with the sex worker. “$100 an hour, $ 150 for a two-hour” so you can see it on the screen. The pictures are dated according to the web site of the week.

Jaremenko has responded to in the first instance, on Facebook, stating that it was to be set up, the game went on. A moment later, he removed his comment, and then he turned to his wife, and their two children. There is a party, and the president offered his apologies to. He spoke of an “ill-considered action.”

from the parliament, where the party of the Jaremenko, and Zelensky, the largest, was a discussion about the incident. The opposition asked for the resignation of a man as the president of the european parliament’s committee on foreign relations. The party will this week discuss the matter.