Livios-Third time lucky. That should be, Patrick thought as he for the third time in a bouwavontuur started. Together with his wife, Lisa, and their newly formulated family, and Patrick is a houtskeletbouwwoning Respectively. Aanbouwsite Liviosvertelt he is and what he has said, “The garden and nature as a maximum, to get. And that’s how it is.”

Patrick and Lisa have two children. Well if the house was too small for their newly constituted family. “The construction of our new home had to be fast, to move forward,” explains Patrick out. “This is one of the main reasons why we decided to voorhoutskeletbouw. As for the construction of a conventional house quickly for more than a year to complete, was the whole job for us in about nine months, finished as well. By the end of 2017, was the first to dig into the ground in front and in september of 2018, we will be in our new house will be drawn to it.”

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the Modern with the hot key

The couple bought in, So with a deep plot of 11 acres with a view of a rear leg. “We felt it was important to show the nature and hetdaglicht up to our house, to integrate it,” says Patrick. We would prefer to have a modern style with warm tones. Well to put the finishing touches on the exterior as the interior design of our home.”Click here to see the photos of the interior of Patrick and Lisa.

Wish to convert in the draft

Patrick and Lisa were looking for a key-in-the-deurfirma their ideas and requirements could be translated into a design. “When we first sat down with the architect, we were joined by a bouwadviseur. He has also helped us to make some choices to represent, and look at the designs of the architect of the build. So, he checked whether he or some of the architectural choices that are not too expensive would be a failure.”

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