In some cases, Soviet soldiers joined the melee with the

Another 15/01/20 In some cases, Soviet soldiers joined the melee with the “spooks”

Over the decade, the presence of Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the melee soldiers-internationalists participated very rarely. While run-ins with the spooks before, as a rule, is not reached, and if reached, it was considered a sign of incompetence of the commander. However, in the memories of participants of the conflict, yet there is mention of cases when Russian soldiers together with the Mujahideen Islamist melee.

the Value of unarmed combat in Afghanistan

the Melee was included in the programme of mandatory training for VDV and GRU special forces. The soldiers practiced the techniques of Sambo, Boxing, karate, designed to neutralize an opponent armed with a pistol, a machine gun, or even a sapper shovel.
a common tactic of this method of warfare was at the sentinel – soldiers sent to inspect the area, for example, when organizing an ambush. They were required to silence in the case of detection of the enemy.
overall, However, “rukopashka” was not a characteristic phenomenon of the war.
“the Afghan war was, of course, isolated cases of application of techniques of unarmed combat. But it is a rare exception. And it was always a very dangerous test in any extreme situation,” recalled the commander of the reconnaissance Evgeny Baryshev.

the Skirmish near the village of Hara

One of the most memorable and tragic melee fights took place on 11 may 1980 in the village of Hara under the Asadabad in Eastern Kunar province. Here 84 soldier of the 1st mountain infantry battalion 66th infantry brigade was faced with two hundred of “spooks”.
the aim of the Soviet operation was the capture of the gorge PECDAR, which rebels held for a long time. Russian was made the hike from the mountain village Markandi to the village of Hara. However, on their way, the Afghans ambushed and struck up many hours of battle. Half a dozen Soviet soldiers led by Lieutenant Sergey Secologanin took refuge in a three-storey house on the outskirts of the village. From the environment they had to come out late at night, moving along the river and wielding fists and rifle butts. Directly in the melee involved 20 pursuing this group of the Mujahideen. Discourage the Russians did not throw the wounded, which was dragging.
a Large part of the ambush went home in zinc coffins (according to different sources, survived only 12 to 17 people). The Afghans lost about 120 soldiers.

Melee have Centany

after four years to fuck with spooks had the soldiers of the 149th guards motorized rifle regiment. However, this fight is fundamentally different from the above.
At the end of April 1984 the second “RAID” battalion, stationed in Kunduz, was ordered to eliminate the gang that prevented the supply of the Soviet troops. The whereabouts of the Mujahideen was the intelligence received. The Russians have set up a situation where the Afghans were attacking the convoy with food. The task of Soviet fighters was to intercept the next place of passage of the column of spooks, hitting him from ambush.
the emergence of the “shuravi” was for Islamists thunder from a clear sky. The first thing the Russians threw grenades at the enemy, killing dozens of people. Among Afghans began a wild panic – bearded men with guns fell to the ground and stood on all fours, tossing from side to side, like wild beasts. In complete chaos, Afghans are not even trying to shoot, and just running away, fighting with hands and feet.

“From one memory of the episodes of this battle are worth mentioning, as nurik Alibayev, subsequently heroically killed in Kunar, and the then young, inexperienced fighter, came together in a melee with zdorovennye “spirit”. ‘ve had Nuritdin not in his weight class. Searching but not finding from the past forces a more weighty arguments, our Nurick, almost choking under the weight of the spirit giant, contrived and gnawed onat the throat, and irrevocably exhausted,” writes a participant in the events Vladir Schennikov (Vova Codussi).
Under Contineu killed about 200 Mujahideen, including Chinese and Arab mercenaries. Among the Russian casualties was made.

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