The battle for MSU: why Stalin Zhukov kicked out of office

History 15/01/20 Battle for MSU: why Stalin Zhukov kicked out of the office

Generalissimo Joseph Stalin highly valued leadership talent Georgy Zhukov. And in disputes with them he used different methods, but never humiliate.

beetles had the right to insist on

Konstantin Rokossovsky in his memoirs wrote that the beetles he remembered a firm reliance on the statements, which he never lost, even when defended his position in a conversation with Stalin. As a confirmation of his words Rokossovsky reports the details of the discussions that took place in 1943, about the “small operation” in the area of MGI (Leningrad oblast), designed to “alleviate the situation of Leningrad”.

bugs, then coordinate the actions of the Volkhov front, insisted on a large-scale military operations and attract larger forces and means. Stalin objected that now find these opportunities and this must be considered. Zhukov stood his ground, argued. Rokossovsky noted that “Stalin’s maddening persistence Zhukov, Generalissimo it is annoying, because the President could not convince the slave”.

In the end, an angry Stalin ordered Zhukov to “go out, go to think.” Rokossovsky was a witness to this hard conversation, they with Zhukov left Stalin’s office together. However, the chief of the General staff “reassured” Rokossovsky, saying that they have with Stalin “is not so it.”

And what happened?

it’s no secret that the zhukovskie “Memories and reflections” has been edited in accordance with market conditions. Naturally, the description of the conversations and disputes of the chief commander of the great Patriotic war and Stalin have also been adjusted. Zhukov himself in his memoirs obsequious epithets, these dialogues are not supplied. Zhukov wrote that he during the war had “repeatedly acute to object” to Stalin and to oppose his instructions, concerning the implementation of those or other military or defensive operations, and often his “judgment was made”.

In General, Zhukov spoke about Stalin in different ways, and sometimes quite harshly. Historians have published the text of the report of the Minister of defence of the USSR, which was made at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1956. In this report the bugs mentioned including the role it played during the great Patriotic war, defending his own against Stalin. From the report it became known that it woke Zhukov Stalin in the beginning of the fourth morning of 22 June 1941, informing of Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union; they with Semyon Timoshenko then demanded decisive action, but Stalin did not believe in the reality of war.

In an interview Zhukov gave in April 1970, one of the most influential journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Vasily Peskov, he said that Stalin about the coming war, of course, knew, but was trying to delay its beginning as it was necessary in the interests of the country. Peskov stressed that interview he took at a time when the cult of personality has already been exposed and gained momentum campaign to demonize Stalin.

However Zhukov in conversation with the journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” noted that they have with Stalin never serious disagreements no. On the contrary, Marshall admitted that the head of the Soviet state had the gift of the commander and made an undeniable contribution to the Victory. Sands before the publication of an interview he gave to read it to Zhukov in typeset form. Marshall only made two minor edits, and not one of his words refused. Including about Stalin.

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