Fire chief reports that no injuries were reported due to the driver’s prompt actions.

Schofield stated that while the investigation showed the driver stopped at tracks, she did not start the bus to cross them. Schofield said that the bus then stalled on the tracks with the front end of it over the tracks. Schofield was speaking to Fox 32 Chicago.

He said, “The gate fell on top of bus and driver then quickly escorted five children off the bus to safety minutes prior to the Metra train hitting the front of bus.”

Ava Gentile (12 years old) and her brothers were also onboard.

“We ran all the way off the bus. “I got Joshua and Jeremy, the neighbor. I told them to get on the bus and go faraway,” Ava said to Fox 32 Chicago.

Marc, Ava’s dad thanked Sue for her heroism and said that it was a relief to see his children. They also gave an appreciation hug to the bus driver.

Fox News Digital reached out to Metra Train in order to get more information about the incident.