The shooting was done near a Newtown Pike gas station

After responding to a shooting at a Newtown Pike gas station in Kentucky, a Lexington officers was hurt Saturday.

Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers gave an update on the incident. He described it as “not fatal shooting.”

Weathers stated that a Lexington officer was involved in an on-duty shootout. Weathers spoke to reporters during a press conference. He said Weathers had observed four juveniles who were involved in a shooting at an earlier time. The juveniles were observed in the 1000 block Newtown Pike.

Weathers claims that police tried to investigate the situation but “one of the juveniles fired at a weapon during the investigation and struck an officer.”

He said that another officer had returned fire and that no one was hurt by the gunfire. The officer was wearing a ballistic vest, and was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury.

Weathers stated that “three juveniles were detained” and that the investigation, which was led by the Kentucky State Police and a critical response team and the department’s public integrity unit, is continuing.

Weathers stated to reporters the officer in the shooting had his camera on to capture the moment, and that he would be “placed on administrative assignments pending the outcome” of the investigation.

Weathers acknowledged that “policing” is a difficult job and thanked his law enforcement colleagues. He also expressed appreciation for officers who “perform bravely in danger and who display kindness, courtesy and sincerity when necessary.”

Weathers stated that the officer who sustained injuries is in “good spirits” and is currently being treated at a hospital.