Free time Griezelfeestjes. Horror show-time. Houses are decorated with pumpkins and scary decorations. Also, when we think of Halloween, each year, more and more popular to be. If you are planning to take a day, but you do not know how to do this? We asked our NINA-readers at their most spectacular plan to share with you. Inspiration is not lacking.

Nick: . “For me, Halloween is not a celebration but a lifestyle. It all started a few years ago, when I had the idea to have a bbq to organise for a few friends. It happened on the 31st of October. At that time, that date has no special significance for me. Desondankswas it was a fun night-even if I say so myself, and it was a huge success, because a year later, the demand for work in the other hand. All well and good, but this time I wanted to do a halloween touch. How to do this? By scary hotel , a passage which is so well decorated that it makes people shy away. Since then, I have got the hang of it, and in the course of every time bigger and smaller.At the moment I’m busy making plans for the next year. Spoiler alert: the scary entrance. will cover 100 square feet, it can be built with the heras-fences-and there will be a coffin out of the ground. To be a serious challenge. How to create and sketch out of the plan, and gather all of the materials will take around two years to complete. The construction itself will take at least a week. Happy, creative, I like it and I think it’s great to make people shake with fright. In their responses, subsequently make the effort worth it.”

Handy: “for those Who think sports and the shudder is not compatible, think again. Take a look at our indoor cycling studio at the Sint-Denijs-Westrem, which is the opportunity to have a ‘spooky’ theme to get. There will be a whole week of ‘scary’ music playing. Think of the single, Ghostbusters, Thriller, by Michael Jackson, or the song Dance with the devil. After the course, we also have a halloween themed juice.”