In La Liga’s “Hola España”, guess what? I’m coming back.” With these words, alluded Zlatan Ibrahimovic this morning on social media that he will be next season to return to La Liga. But what is clear right now: it’s going to get a new publicity stunt, the flamboyant Swede.

The rumour mill was running at full speed, since the message this morning, as the world was submitted. Many a Spanish football fan, was hoping without doubt, that The now is again in Spanish football has to be admired, it would have been, but it is in the first position already) to get a new publicity stunt. Bethard, has just launched in Spain the new app has been launched for the smart phone. And, who is the image of the betting? Yes: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Not the first time,

it’s not the first time that ‘Ibracadabra’ for such a message to the world and in the us. After that, he actually was released on the Swedish national team, he came up short in the world cup last year in Russia with the news that he will also be present to draw in the greatest men’s football tournament in the world. “A world Cup without me is not a world Cup”, said he as soon as the news went on to explain, in a talk show. That was, ultimately, a set of kredietkaartgigant VISA, which is one of the main sponsors of the world cup, for which the new post as an ambassador was.In addition to Bethard and VISA, he also has deals with Samsung, Volvo’s, Vitamin Well, and in his own sportkledinglijn s Clothing.