How many white Russians fought against Hitler

History 21/01/20 How many of the white Russians fought against Hitler

In recent decades, the notion that a large part of the Russian emigration was on the side of Germany. In fact, however, the majority did not support Hitler’s aggression and refused to cooperate with the Reich. The majority of Russian fighting on the side of the Nazis, were not immigrants, but citizens of the Soviet Union, which had joined the enemy, being in captivity or in occupied territories.

the Emigrants for the Germans

According to the estimates of Russian historian Kirill Alexandrov, by 1939 Europe was home to about 35-400 thousand white emigrants, including people directly involved in the White movement, and their descendants born outside Russia. The main countries of residence of Russian, who did not accept communism, were: France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic. More than a million Russians, Belarusians and Carpatho-Ukrainians lived in the newly formed European States, but they related not to the immigrants, and national minorities of their countries.

part of the Russian entered the ROA General Vlasov, but most of the immigrants who supported the aggression of Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, he volunteered to serve in the Russian guard corps. The first corps commander was major-General Skorodumov, who said: “Let at first will die all the Bolsheviks, and then in the first case we will talk and recall all foreigners…”.

According to researcher Sergei Drobyazko, during the war it passed through the body 12 thousand Russian emigrants and 5,000 representatives of national minorities of Russia. Before 9000 people served in other units of the army of Germany, Italy, Romania, Finland, Spain. All with weapons in hand fought against the Soviet Union to 21 thousand white immigrants and their children. According to the conclusions of the historian, Kirill Alexandrov, it was 5% of the total number of Russian emigrants in Europe.

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after Analyzing the disparate data, the Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies, Leonid Reshetnikov, the historian, came to the conclusion that 100% capable of bearing arms of male immigrants aged 18 to 60 years, 30% supported the Nazis and fought against the Soviet Union, 60% chose a strategy of non-participation in the war and only 10% took an attitude of opposition to the Nazi regime. Leonid Reshetnikov believes that 1-1,5% of immigrants joined the Resistance movement on the European side of the Communists. Most of these were Russian youth, who grew up in the Balkans and in France, where it has always been a strong left-wing ideas.

According to the historian, with the Soviet intelligence contacted more than 200 Russians. Many Russians, as citizens of European countries, served in their armies. Only in the armed forces of France, fought more than 3000 white immigrants, of which the battles for Africa and Normandy killed 250 people.

Denikin and “defencists”

the Unofficial leader of the “defencists” who did not support Germany in a war with the Soviet Union, was Anton Ivanovich Denikin. The former Imperial General and head of the White movement in southern Russia has defiantly refused to contact with Vlasov and denounced those who took up arms. Prominent figures of the “defenders” were the Royal Ministers of a Bitch and Maklakov, a former Admiral Kedrov, Colonel Koltyshev, the generals Pisarev, rams, Makhrov. The latter wrote a letter to Soviet Ambassador with a request to enroll him in the Red Army, at least ordinary. The red army asks, and Prince Nikolai Obolensky.

they were under the supervision of the Gestapo, someone was arrested. Two days after his arrest by the Gestapo he died from the beating General Kusonski. Detained former ataman of the don Cossacks Pyotr Popov, and the General Makhrova, who is saved from execution by the intercession of the prominent military leaders of Vichy France. Spoke out against Hitler and Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin, who in 1945 wrote about the Nazis: “the Communism in Russia was for them only a pretext to justify to othersand the peoples and the history of his thirst for conquest”.

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