Why Poddubny always wrote his name in Ukrainian

Biography 21/01/20 Why Poddubny always wrote his name in Ukrainian

After the deterioration of relations between Russia and the Ukraine started reaching the point of absurdity “redistribution” of historical personalities. The Ukrainians have already “appropriated” artist Ilya Repin, inventor, Igor Sikorsky, and even a medieval Prince Vladimir. Another name, around which are fierce disputes – the great wrestler Ivan Poddubny.

the son of the Cossack

Ivan spent his childhood in the village Bogoduhovka, which is now in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine, and in 1871, belonged to the province of Poltava. His father, Maxim Maximovich, came from the Zaporozhye Cossacks. One of the ancestors Poddubny in 1708, according to Ukrainian historians, fought against Russia in the army of Hetman Mazepa.

Ivan Poddubny owned “movoy,” and his name is always written as “Paddubny”. In origin she’s really Ukrainian. Judging by the list of the namesakes of the athlete suffered from the Soviet power (and such there are, according to the “Open list” of victims of repression, 143), and most of them are natives of Ukraine, although there were those who were born in the neighboring regions of Russia and even in Siberia.

as a young man, Poddubny left the small home, lived and acted in different cities of the Russian Empire and Europe. However, it is not by chance, apparently, that in the end “king of the ring” settled in Yeysk. Poddubniy it became a kind of “return to roots”, because the Kuban was populated by former Zaporozhian Cossacks.

Poddubny or Paddubny

the Wrestler not flaunt their “Ukrainian” was not, as detractors claim, “crest” and “petlyurovets”. However, he resisted the attempts of arbitrary treatment by their origin. Tell us that in 1937, when he came to the police station to obtain new documents Ivan Poddubny found that in his passport under “nationality” it is written “Russian”. So without much publicity, the Soviet government pursued a policy of “Russification” of Ukrainians. When the athlete was indignant and asked to change data, he refused. Subsequent act Poddubny in the year of the Great terror could cost him his life.

“Ivan Maksimovic, without saying a word, sat down at the table without asking permission, I dipped a police pen in police the inkwell, crossed out his own hand in the passport nationality “Russian” and write “Ukrainian”, the same manipulation was done with the name by writing it in Ukrainian,” writes the biographer of the athlete Zbigniew Wojciechowski. The author believes that it is because of this episode Poddubny was taken by the NKVD, and he spent six months in jail.

“I am Russian wrestler”

How does the above facts the statement of the producer in Ukraine banned the film “Poddubny,” Vadim Goryainov, according to which Poddubny, “although he was a Zaporozhian Cossack, considered himself a Russian”?

Indeed, at the time of sporting victories Poddubny was perceived by the public as “the great Russian hero”. Never and nowhere on the posters, there was nothing that would stress the Ukrainian origin of the fighter. And when during the great Patriotic war, the Germans occupied Yeysk invited Ivan Maksimovic to come to their service as a coach, Poddubny said: “I am Russian wrestler. They’ll stay”.

However, no contradiction here. During the life of Poddubny national identity expressed pride in their ancestors, but not necessarily a complete disassociation from another nation. In 1906, the wrestler posed for the artist Nicholas Strunnikova in the image of the stereotypical Ukrainian Cossack with a long forelock. However, going into the ring, Poddubny never shouted that he was “Ukrainian, not Russian” — like he couldn’t come. Zaporozhye Cossacks in the seventeenth century swore allegiance to Russia and considered Ukrainians – part of the triune Russian people. As the “Russian” Ukrainians perceived abroad.

Despite Ukraine’s attempts to secure the rights to themI am a great athlete, the brilliant career of Ivan Poddubny remains part of the common history of Russia and Ukraine.

Timur Sagdiyev

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