Jupiler Pro League After the interlandbreak draws for the competition is Friday again – the first day after the close of the transfer market. The top six of the Belgian football competition, which was particularly active during the zomermercato. Especially, when Club Brugge is the wealth, as well as RC Genk and Antwerp, and AA Gent will be presented in a well-balanced core of it together. In the Standard, they are perhaps turning out to be central in the background, with Anderlecht, they are there, and what did it all in focus. For a good overview. ANDERLECHT: These to focus to the low –

There is, however, only one will play… Anderlecht have four goalkeepers under contract. The hierarchy is pretty clear: Van Crombrugge, it is the first choice, Didillon only in fourth place. What is the recordkampioen under the bar too much, the front is too low. At this moment, there are three peaks, two of which are injured (Dimata and the Roofe). Then, the rinse cycle is, however, very, very, very thin. Also, the central back has the RSCA is not a lot of those are needed in order for the problems to come. In the other positions, Vincent Kompany, however, have wisselmogelijkheden, especially as Anderlecht are not a European playing in the youth teams with sufficient talent around in order to possibly move to. (PJC).