The kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has plans to be the world’s largest, longest, and fastest rollercoaster ever to be built in the desert. The Falcon’s Flight, will have speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour is going to get, and it comes in Six Flags Qiddiya in the neighbourhood of the Saudi capital, Riaad-to-face.

image of the project is to show how a device in the form of a robotic falcon, along the high altitude racing, a huge loop-the-loops and breakneck speeds, through turns, and flies.

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“Our vision is to be at Six Flags Qiddiya is a theme that is not only the thrills and excitement that people have come to expect from Six Flags, however, there is still an extra layer to add to it with original themes that are part of the region,” said Michael Reininger, CHIEF of the Qiddiya Investment Company in the kingdom of Saudi Gazette. “This will be the most beautiful Six Flags park that has ever been built,” says David McKillips, president of Six Flags, the International Development Company, in. “We are proud to present this landmark Qiddiya, too.”

it is Anticipated that the park in 2023 can be opened. The Falcon’s Flight, it will be the crown jewel of the park, which is in a valley, about sixty kilometers from Riaad will be built.

the world record holder is

be The current world record holder in the rollercoasterland is the Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi, which has a speed of up to 240 kilometres-per-hour in five seconds and can get. QIC has, officially, no information is released about the altitude, speed, and size of the yet to be built, Falcon’s Flight, which was inspired by the iconic bird of prey that is in the Middle of the East seems to be very popular to go hunting.

The fastest roller coaster in Belgium and the whole of the uk is in the Fury and in Bobbejaanland, which at a speed of 106,6 km per hour you can get.