Genk is one of Genk-centrum, walk in, have already been passed over by the eye-catching ‘piece of Furniture Two, or, rather, Ran. Hasselaar, Michel Guys, went to thirteen stroomkasten to the same work of art. “The old stroomkasten give it to a street is often an ugly sight,” says Fellows, who are the project’s aims are to pass through from one city to another.

Ran in Genk, belgium in this summer’s not just like that, suddenly, lots of wood cabinets. The old stroomcabines who have ever served for the us market that once stood there. “These days, it is really the zone to be refreshed via the project for the city,” says Fellows. “The new bench by Roel Vandebeek, and a nice atmosphere, but the stroomkasten them still in the river.”

all The cabinets down, turned out to not be an option, but made the Boys creativity loose. Such cabinets are to be painted, is in and of itself is nothing new, but the designer went a step further. “I just wanted to make sure the cabinet as a cabinet was left. Just a better look. Depending on the shape, and the relief I was looking for some options. I have a stack of pictures and sat down to get started with the program ‘photoshop’. Finally, we have all the cabinets bestickeren the carved images, and the result is stunning if you ask me.”