Showbiz Party in the house of Geert Hoste. Since the start of this week, ‘Let me get you to tell the story of…’ – the twentieth book in the store. Again, a lucky dip, with stories and anecdotes from the period, with the lecturer as a mime and had to fight in order to survive. And there is another good news for Geert will be appearing as a member of the jury of “The Smartest Man in the World”.

for many Years produced: Geert Hoste (59) is like a metronome, eindejaarsconferences, in order to stop it in 2016. He, however, did not write books, though he prefers to be about “books”. Best to have a good description for his work is to be in a useful format, have been issued.After ‘Under the moon on the long river’ from last year as of this week, ” Let me show you the story in the book. In addition to the short, compact stories, he brings in a few more stories to tell. Over its turbulent legertijd, for example. Or are the stunts on the Gentse Feesten.

“I like to think of this collection of short stories, especially, can be enjoyed by all the people who help me in the past, or know them as a lecturer,” says Job. “I want to show you that there is a history it is. That is, it is not self-evident it was to reach my goal. It was in the way of street entertainment, with the mad-head, appear in a garbage can, a sketchke in a tv show, what a joke to sell at a show. To survive, to live.”

Biographies, but not usually after the death of the main character?

“to be Honest, I would never have agreed to these pieces of writing. This is my wife, Veronique, who convinced me to. She told me that a lot of people have a very one-sided look it has had in my career. Because they are the only all of the glitz and glamour of the conference know it, the plush seats in the large venues where I am at the front of the stage, and that the evening’s entertainment. Véronique found out that I have those memories of flesh and emotions and needs. While I was in my life for a long time not, or is barely allowed to do that in my life, it was dug up.”

In this book, you will make it clear that Geert Hoste for many years, the black snow, as seen.

“it was a conscious decision. I had to go to a box to learn. I was too busy as a law student. But I just wanted to reach out and do what I eventually did: just get up on a stage and lots of fun to bring. Due to the high hurdles.”

How many times have you thought that it will not be able to do it?

“No. But it’s always just Wait a few years, you will be able to see. So that was my motivation when I got somewhere, in one form or another, market is very close to my heart business. Oh, and yes, they will at that time have had lots of laughs with Geert Hoste. With his performance, but that might be due to the lack of it. That didn’t matter, but we laughed a lot as it was. I have the great advantage that one of my skills at the moment, and that it needed to be done.”