Weapons 25/01/20 “Gall”: what can a silent Russian mortar

According to the classification of the Western countries mortars are mortars and are not allocated in a separate class of weapons. The difference in name came due to the fact that during the First World war the German word “mortar” called the field mortars Rdultowski, and then moved to a similar instrument.

major advantages

One of the main advantages of mortar – simple design consisting of a barrel (smooth or rifled), Pitman arm to change the angle and base plate, transferring momentum to the ground. It should also be noted the lack of shutter mechanisms, and therefore, the percentage of breakdowns below. Compared to howitzers mortars, you can fire out of the trench, to define the trajectory of the projectile with great steepness. Low weight allows you to change positions depending on the task. The training of personnel methods of operation weapons is simple.

Use of weapons

During the Second World war, the Soviet Union was armed with ten different mortars, affecting manpower shrapnel, high-explosive warheads. After the war, their improvement continued, greater attention was paid to the self-propelled and vehicle-mounted-towed samples. Appeared the so-called nuclear large-caliber artillery mortars “Tulip”. Wide use during the Afghan company had mortars “cornflower” and “Tray.” Combatants emphasize that a high density of fire during during attack demoralizing the enemy. However, the presence of characteristic sounds and flashes of light could easily determine the source from where is the fire and start the counter attack. That is why in the 80-ies of the last century, Soviet scientists began work on a prototype low noise mortar, but the work has not led to significant results.

Silent new

In 2011, one from exhibitions of weapons, new Russian mortar 2Б25 “Gall”, the brainchild of Nizhny Novgorod research Bureau “savages”. By locking the powder gases in the shaft mine the projectile is fired there is absolutely no smoke, flame and shock wave. After the departure of fragmentation of the projectile from the barrel does not sound typical for analogues cotton. A crew can get to close to the enemy and silently to fire on positions without fear of being discovered. That is what the innovative quality of American magazines, called the development “a quiet death”. A portable weapon for two people at the expense of the base plate of the aluminum alloy has a weight of just 13 pounds. According to the manufacturer’s transition to a state of readiness is only half a minute. The maximum range reaches more than one kilometer, and the number of rounds per minute – 15. International military experts have seriously evaluated the potential of the mortar coming into service in the army of Russia, and do not see competitors.

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