As the NKVD was used against Bandera gas

History 25/01/20 As the NKVD was used against Bandera gas Tayfun

as soon as the red army liberated the Western Ukraine from the Nazis, occurred in the confrontation with the Ukrainian nationalist underground. The first serious clashes between the armed groups of the OUN-UPA (organization banned in Russia), the red army and the NKVD recorded in the spring and summer of 1944. Destroy the thugs managed to 1951, sometimes even in 1953. The struggle was severe on both sides, mutual destruction.

“Hawks” against Bandera

First, the local population was on the side of the nationalists in their struggle “klyatyh Muscovites the commissioners” — joined the ranks of the “rebels”, supplied them with food and information, provided shelter and a bed. But gradually it became clear that the nationalists kill not only the party and Soviet workers or military personnel, but do not spare civilians, slaughtering entire families, including old and small. As a result, residents of Western Ukraine began to create, with the permission of the Soviet government, fighter units (the”hawks”, as they called them in use), helping to hunt down and destroy the Bandera. Acted “hawks” and effectively performed as an independent operation or combined with the red army and the KGB.

Nationalist underground consisted of well trained and armed professionals. The backbone consisted of the Legionnaires who had served in the battalions “Nachtigall”, “Roland” and the SS division “Galicia”. Many of them have been trained in the Abwehr.

Organizationally, the armed forces of Bandera were divided into three groups: “North”, “West” and “South”. Each group consisted of 3-4 huts. Smoking United the three hundreds, each of which is formed of 3-4 Chota (platoon). The primary unit was the swarm, which consisted of 10-12 men.

In total, the formation of the OUN-UPA* according to various estimates, numbered from 25 000 to 100 000 people, armed as a Germanthey and Soviet weapons. Were the “rebels” and the serious fortifications, it is written in the collection “documents of the Internal troops in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”. After may 1945, with arms and money supported the nationalists intelligence agencies of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Along with the “hawks” troops acted fake Bandera, formed from the red army and KGB, who spoke on the Galician dialect of Ukrainian language. They have infiltrated the underground, learned the location of the bandits, and then destroyed them. The activities of these groups helped the secrecy among the OUN — they didn’t know each other in person and by name (in the course were aliases), the connection is carried out through the “grips” — MiniSpace pencil on tissue paper. Sewn with a thread and sealed with paraffin “oils” left in an agreed place.

the Identified supporters and relatives of the “rebels” were deported to other regions of Ukraine, and if they managed to commit crimes — planted. Thus gradually destroyed intelligence network.

Dogs sniff out caches

Hiding in the forests of Ukrainian nationalists widely used underground structures, so-called caches, representing a pretty extensive vault, the entrance to which was concealed by stumps or other natural objects. Often the path to the refuge took place via the existing well. Visually caches were discovered only in the moment when it left or returned “the rebels”. But the smell it was quite capable guard dog. Four-legged trackers have become widely used in the raids, which gave excellent results. In response, Bandera tried to poison the dogs, but trained dogs don’t take food from strangers, didn’t pick her up from the ground and the measures taken had no effect. To care for service dogs allowed only verified the footage, which also excluded loss. The book “SMERSH against Bandera. The war after the war” covers the role of dogs in the fight against nationalist underpolem.

the Use of special equipment

Gradually, the red army and the KGB has learned to detect caches of special probes, and in winter the fluctuations of warm air in the cold. Bandera offered fierce resistance, and before the storm the bunker, he threw gas grenades, normal was not good because of the underground branches where they could hide, and the gas penetrated everywhere. Used and soporific gas “Typhoon” had no side effects.

It was developed by Moscow chemists specifically for such operations. Caches “Typhoon” was filed through the vents using a small hand cylinders with a thin flexible hose.

Hut, which dropped in Bandera, to rest and to eat hot, was equipped with portable apparatus “Alarm” battery. In the case of the arrival of the forest provides the owner, sided with the Soviet government quietly pressed the button and the radio signal was received in the regional Department of the Ministry of interior. Next came the turn of the drug “Neptune-47”. It was added to the liquid: vodka, water, milk, soup. Sometimes the agents were equipped with spectracam German model, made in the operational-technical Department of MIA of Ukraine, with built-in buttons. Tapping one of them a Soviet agent blocked the arrival of the “Neptune-47” and can safely SIP of vodka with the boys. The second button was added to the drug. After 7-8 minutes the drug started to act, and people were losing consciousness. Hard, exhausting sleep, with hallucinations lasted 1.5-3 hours. The arrived employees of special services took Bandera lukewarm.

“Neptune-47” was another effect — waking people couldn’t control themselves, willingly and truthfully answering all questions. All this is described Georgy Sannikov, the author of “the Big hunt. The defeat of the UPA”.

Used and “Neptune-80”, which was wetted mats. Watersedge feet at the entrance of the fighter then the dog could find within a few days on persistent smell traces. Often they were led to the caches and then took the whole gang.

Undercover set

I have already several times mentioned Soviet agents from the local population, who helped fight the bandits. Gradually more and more people in Western Ukraine understood that the Bandera are only death and actively contributed to their destruction. For example, thanks to the secret service in 1950 at his safe house was killed by Roman Shukhevych, General-cornet of the UPA, the closest associate of Stepan Bandera. The death of Shukhevych serious blow to the militants. Basil cook named Lemesh, who succeeded Shukhevych, grabbed in the vault prepared for him by the KGB. And lured him there a named Mykola Chumak, defected to the Soviet power. Turned it is very original, having a tour of the largest cities of Ukraine. Mykola, the years do not come out of the woods, was amazed at how blossomed Ukraine, how fun were the people who allegedly suffered under the Bolshevik yoke, as it says Bandera. Basil cook was tried and he served six years. Died in Kiev in 2007.

the soldiers involved in the liquidation of the Ukrainian nationalist underground, not awarded medals. One day of service were counted for three, and relied increased compared to conventional rations, that’s all.

the KGB of the USSR in 1990 reported that in 1944-1953 years at the hands of Bandera killed 30,000 citizens and 20,000 soldiers, police and security officers. According to the office for the fight against banditry of the NKVD of Ukraine only in 1944 destroyed 57 405 and detained 50 387 “rebels.”

* — an organization banned in the Russian Federation.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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