Galina Shurepova: the fate of the

Biography 27/12/19 Galina Shurepova: the fate of the “mother” of Soviet military combat dolphins

Galina Shurepova was born in 1939 in a small town called Vilkaviskis. Her parents had recently arrived to Lithuania: Alexander A. Shurupov, was sent to the military command. A small border town the Nazis seized in the first hours of the great Patriotic War. Alexander Sharapov was injured on the way to the headquarters, so he was behind the front line. His wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, was left alone with young Galya and Natasha. Soon for alleged Association with the underground, she was arrested by the German occupation police, then interrogations and send them to forced labor. Girls were taken to Germany, and after the war moved to the Lithuanian orphanage where given new names. The family finally separated.

Parents did not despair and continued to search for their daughters. In 1949 the scout Shurepova extremely lucky: he found them in the orphanage after eight years of separation. All this time Galina staunchly endured the blows of fate and looked out for her sister. She had to actually re-learn the native language. Growing up, she decided to link their lives with sports, that is to follow in the footsteps of their parents, who from a young age athletics (father before his death he remained President of the athletics Federation of Ukraine). The choice fell on the Leningrad state Institute of physical culture named after P. F. Lesgaft.

In the 1960s Galina won the title of champion of the Soviet Union in diving and starred in the famous film “the amphibian Man”, acting as understudy of the main character. She came up with the idea of creating the first section on diving in the far East. After joining Galina Shurepova the Voluntary society for assistance to army, aviation and fleet (DOSAAF) she was invited to Sevastopol to study the behavior of dolphins and their training. She agreed to leave Leningrad and went on the warm Crimean coast to participate in the creation of a Dolphinarium, the Naval fleet of the USSR on the shore of the Bay Cossack. The main problem facing the dolphins is the detection of underwater mines, sailors and other objects. The training process is long and requires from the trainer dedication and patience.

the First woman diver in the Navy of the Union died on 15 may 2017 in the city of Sevastopol at the age of 78 years. By the end of her life, she had several operations on her lungs, had a disability, but remained steadfast and cheerful.

Ivan Komarnicki

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