ZHANGJIAKOU – Australian Alisa Cameron, who won bronze at Turin and gold at the 2002 Winter Games, stated that the new generation of skiers is ready and more than capable to compete at the Beijing Olympics.

Camplin, who has retired from aerial skiing following his participation in the 2006 Games is currently in Beijing as the assistant chef de mission for Australia’s 2022 team.

Camplin was asked if she had any advice to give the Australian aerial skiers in Beijing. She said that she was there to support them and that the athletes had prepared well.

Camplin stated, “What they do every day and what they have done to get here, what allowed them to achieve the performances that placed them on the world standings they hold today, they don’t need to do any other than that.”

They have all they need in their bodies, heads, and experience. All they need is to be normal.

Australia has an excellent track record in aerials. Skiers can perform complex flips and stunts when they jump off steep slopes.

Danielle Scott, 31 years old, said that it was an honor to be part of a team with such a rich history. Scott said Camplin was one her heroes who inspired her to try the sport.

Scott stated, “It’s certainly quite special to follow in the footsteps of great successes, that gives us a certain amount of confidence too.