an increase in The number of over 60-year-old workers in Germany in recent years. So Years of occupation is a lot more than any second in the 60 – to 64 -, the new report of the Federal government to the pension with 67, from the Bild newspaper and the dpa news Agency quote. The report is subject to the Federal Cabinet, as well as the pension insurance report in 2018.

2.4 million people older than 60 years, a nationwide social insurance Job. More than twice as many as in 2007, when the pension was introduced, 67. The progress in the employment of older workers are significant, it means according to the image in the government report. However, you need to be better integrated into businesses, for example through part-time work.

In the case of men has doubled, the employment rate in this age group since 2000, to about 63 percent. For women, the rate is 53 percent, more than four Times as high as in the year 2000. This rate is so high, is due to the fact that many are self-employed, working in a higher age. But also the ratio of employees excluding the self-employed, working with 60 to 64, has increased in the last ten years, according to the report, significantly, from 20.5 to 40 percent.

Germany has in the EU, the second highest employment rate after Sweden. 79 percent of 20 – to 64-Year-olds to go to a work, such as Figures of the Federal Statistical office show. In 2007, there were still 73 percent.

pressure on pension Fund grows

Older earn considerably more than the Younger ones. The 55 got – to 65-Year-olds in 2017, in the middle 3.438 euros a month gross, while among the 25 – to 55-Year-old only of 3,256 euros. As a statistic of the Federal employment Agency for the Older shows, however, in the West with a 3.616 euros, significantly more than in the East, where the average is 2.743 euros per month.

Currently, the rule is age limit at 65 years and seven months. You will be increased step by step. Only for Born in 1964 or later, the retirement age of 67, you can reach 2031. In the pension Commission of the Federal government is also a debate about whether increasing life expectancy will not lead to long periods of Work. Because with the growing number of baby boomers in the retirement age, the pressure on the pension Fund grows.

the number of those working as pensioners, has risen: In the past year, 16.1 percent of the 65 – to 69-Year olds were in employment, as Figures from the Federal Statistical office show. Ten years ago, there were only 7.1 per cent – so less than half.