US President Donald Trump announced import tariffs against China, people’s Republic of responding: The trade dispute between the two countries seemed to escalate recently. In September, the U.S. had decided the government to impose duties on Chinese Goods in a volume of 200 billion dollars (170,2 billion euros) – in addition to the already introduced levies on Goods from the people’s Republic of to the value of $ 50 billion. Meanwhile, half of all U.S. imports from China are affected. The duties will be to date, ten per cent, from 1. January 2019 to be collected according to the plans Trumps even 25 percent.

Whether the higher duties, however, in fact, to decide in a personal Meeting of the two heads of state. On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina Donald Trump and Xi Jinping have agreed to meet for dinner. The United States and China have yet to find a solution to the trade dispute?

Trumps economic adviser Larry Kudlow said, the dinner was seen as a way to “turn the tide”. For Kudlow would have to be, however, certain conditions are met. The people’s Republic of haven so far not given that they change their attitude, said Kudlow.

the First Meeting since the beginning of the trade dispute

The U.S. government accuses China of, among other things, the theft of intellectual property, the technology pull is a logical extension to the United States in the past. In the criticism of the rest for US companies, in return for access to the Chinese market for high-tech knowledge.

The planned dinner would be the first Meeting between Trump and Xi, since their countries began a few months ago, punitive tariffs to impose on each other. Whether the two heads of state will converge, however, is questionable. Recently, the US President had announced in an Interview with the Wall Street Journal that the increase in the punitive tariffs against China cling to. It was “highly unlikely” that he will go to Beijing, Please, said Trump.

China is, nevertheless, optimistic. “We hope that the US will go to the Chinese side and work hard to promote the Meeting and to obtain positive results”, said a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign Ministry. In a previous phone conversation, both leaders had agreed to find an acceptable solution. Because China wished to pursue. Also, the Chinese Ambassador in Washington, Cui Tiankai, emphasized that China’s wool war, no trade.

job cuts at General Motors sets Trump under pressure

Donald Trump is now willing to talk, could also be related to the ongoing trade dispute added to the U.S. economy. Recently, the car maker General Motors had announced that thousands of jobs in the United States and to close, among other things, a location in the state of Ohio. As reasons for this decision were the declining sales of passenger Cars in the United States and increased material costs. At the same time, special duties on steel imposed by the US government, however, lead to higher prices for primary products for the car manufacturing.

Donald Trump called for after the announcement of the car manufacturer, in an Interview with the Wall Street Journal, General Motors “damn should again quickly, a new factory will open”. He led on Sunday an interview with Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors,. In it, he told Barra that she had “a Problem”, you should keep the plant permanently closed. In addition, the President asked to stop the car production in China. In the election campaign, Trump had promised his supporters jobs in the United States and to make America ‘great again’.