The United States want to put the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei on Friday on a list of banned companies. The Minister of the economy, Wilbur Ross announced. Thus, it is US companies prohibited from taking without authorization from the government, with the Huawei shops. The group announced it would appeal the decision.

US President, Donald Trump had a call on Wednesday in a trade dispute with China a national state of emergency for the telecommunications sector. Thus, it is US companies are prohibited from using equipment of companies, one of which is a risk to national security could arise. Huawei is considered the most important aim of the measure.

Trump accuses Huawei, China can operate with its products, spy. The US government wants to bring, therefore, other Western countries, Chinese companies such as Huawei of 5G Development, to exclude. The EU States reject the but. “For us, the criteria are the decisive starting point, after which we will decide who is expanding”, was about to be told Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. This would not be directed against individual countries or companies. The French President Macron described it as “not appropriate” to start a trade dispute to technology.

Huawei espionage rejects allegations. Last had stated that the group is ready, with individual countries No-Spy-agreements. Huawei’s warning to the US government, the sanctions could endanger tens of thousands of jobs in the United States. American business partners of Huawei could be taking a serious economic damage. In addition, the cooperation and the trust in the global supply chains will be damaged. Huawei works with the smartphone production with components from US suppliers such as the chip manufacturers Qualcomm and Intel.

Huawei is the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer and a leading provider of network technology, the fifth generation mobile technology (5G). In the US market, but it is still only a little present.