Option 2 is The parents of Juan Manuel Correa (20) is to have an update on the condition of the Formula 2 racer. The American-Ecuadorian is still in an artificial coma, but his condition is slightly improved. Correa was on a couple weeks ago at the circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, was involved in a serious accident.There was also a 22-year-old Frenchman Anthoine Hubert, the life….

Juan Manuel is still in an artificial coma and paralyzed so his lungs will get the chance to make as much as possible and rest them”, says the statement of the parents of Juan Carlos and Maria Correa. However, there is a slight progress is noticeable. “He will continue to be supported by a heart-lung bypass machine, which is the most important of the features a little better at it. The others are just sour.More than light, on an upward trend, even though it is very, very small steps, which, according to the doctors, don’t ask him to. The infection is under the control of the parameters and on the state of the respiratory system and other vital organs to remain stable.”

All there is, anyway, still a very long period of recovery. “As soon as the lungs are restored to the defined level, so as to the doctors, it can be treated, there are operations to follow, the children’s parents. “We have good days, bad days and short nights. However, with the support of the people in the field of sport, family, friends, and fellow citizens, we continue to pray for Juan, Manuel”, the decisions of the parents.

from the Grand prix of Belgium, broke and Correa, both legs, and he suffered a severe injury to the spine at the. At the university hospital in Liege, it was his status as a stable of mine, but last week, he was in a hospital in London after complications have occurred in an artificial coma and is placed.