The disappearance of the missing in Belgian backpacker and He Hayez in australia’s Byron Bay and has been referred to the coroner, a kind of magistrate) of the state of New South Wales. This is to formally put an end to the investigation by the police. Reports that a spokesman for the police in Byron Bay.

18-year-old, He Hayez, and disappeared on the 31st of may, in the popular Australian seaside town of Byron Bay, and after eight months in Australia what is expected of them. There have been several intensive searches conducted for the missing young man, from the Overijse, however, that continued, each time with the same results.

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in The office of the coroner confirms that the file has been received from the local police station. It occurs to him now, as to whether or not to open an investigation. The procedure that has to make the decision before, it will take at least a couple of months.

On the Facebook page, “Finding He Hayez,” the transfer of the case to the ministry of justice as a positive development. “It is important to understand that this is a standard process in New South Wales, and a breakthrough.It provides us with a new expertise and a fresh perspective, and we welcome you sincerely to the involvement of the coroner (magistrate, eds.). We need now more than ever to be united and to have this new chapter to begin – one step closer to finding a But”, you hear the sound of it.

The family of Hayez, has, to, privacy be asked to deal with the news. “For the good of the people and the volunteer community to thank for their continued support,” said police in a news release.

But his father, Laurent Hayez, has, on this point, again, is in Australia. Last night, almost three months after the disappearance of the He was on a beach in Byron Bay, a vigil was held for the 18-year-old Belgian. A hundred or so people gathered there at sunset. In the sand were the drawings in the memory of the young man.

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