(Los Angeles) A ​​student wanted after shooting two staff members at his school in Denver, Colorado (western) has been found dead in a nearby county, US media reported Thursday, citing authorities.

The suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Austin Lyle, the Park County Coroner’s Office said, according to NBC News.

The student drew a weapon during a search at the entrance to his East High School in Denver early Wednesday morning.

Responding to an emergency call, police and paramedics “rapidly arrived on the scene and discovered two adult males with gunshot wounds,” Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said.

The two injured, one seriously, were taken to hospital.

The Denver Police Department announced late Wednesday that a body, which was not initially identified, was found near Austin Lyle’s vehicle in Park County, southwest of Denver.

The county forensics office said an investigation into (the suspect’s) death was ongoing and that further details would not be released until an autopsy was performed, NBC reported.

The teenager’s vehicle was found shortly before 4:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. EST), police said, according to local newspaper The Denver Post.

The body was discovered about four hours later, 320 yards from the vehicle, Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said in the Post quote.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Denver Police Department and the FBI were also involved in the search for Austin Lyle, McGraw said in a statement.

The suspect was frisked every morning when he arrived at school, Ron Thomas said, noting that such procedures were usually put in place if there were concerns about past behavior.

Classes have been canceled for the rest of the week and armed police will be stationed at the high school until the end of the school year, Denver Public Schools Official Alex Marrero said.

According to The Denver Post, the city’s school board decided in 2020 to withdraw police officers guarding schools, amid large anti-racism protests following the killing of African American George Floyd by a police officer. white.

The presence of the agents was detrimental to the pupils of color, had argued the elected officials of the council.

Gun tragedies are endemic in the United States, where politicians fail to agree on tougher regulation despite broad public support.