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two years Ago, a week before Christmas, came Waldemar with the vans. Height, just under 1.85 metres, a magnificent body, a pound of guy. Waldemar, the North man fir from the Internet, it was potted, because of the sustainability. Almost three weeks ago, he stood in the living room, then he was picked up by the Startup-Christmas tree rental from Düsseldorf. Waldemar, the Plan was not to land as many of his defeated and uprooted fellows at Epiphany as abgenadeltes bare-bones in the gutter. Waldemar, it should have better times, in its conservation return, and next year at 24. December delight a family with its always green.

The Rent-a-tree-model the hottest Trend in the sustainable Christmas tree Business is currently. On request, already decorated for Christmas and ready for gift storage. No Rumgewackel on the old painter’s ladder while attempting to the top must be plugged in. No Stress with the kids, not to decorate, but undisturbed Playstation can gamble. Home delivery nationwide, comfortable. “Our demand is growing from year to year,” says Britta, Horst schäfer, who gives in Paderborn, Germany with her husband Martin in addition to the normal sales with the net machine and the price per Meter for 2015 Christmas trees with bales and roots. “On the total revenue expected, the share is still marginal, at about seven to eight percent. But, more and more customers do not want, that the tree is beaten, and then the chopper lands,” says the 35-Year-old. Finally, a tree is a Living thing. If he had a soul, one cannot say, of course. But he lives, was maintained for seven to eight years, up to Christmas fitness and fertilized. “There is so much passion in it,” says Horst schäfer. It is your blood every Time the heart, if a tree will be stretched after such a long time with a blow down.

Potting tree abuse?

The Christmas tree, by the Catholic Church once used as a pagan Symbol, shouted down, has now arrived but is already an integral part of the Christian Christmas tradition, so in the era of sustainability. This was also the time, you might think, if you look at the Numbers: Between 23 and 25 million Nordmann and Nobilis fir, Blue -, and red spruce to be sold, according to the Federal Association of Christmas tree producers (BVWE) in Germany annually, to spraying in the living room for a couple of weeks, the spirit of Christmas and to lay the branches gently over the wrapped gifts. The Christmas tree has not. Ultimately, it’s the fir is not better than the pork, the beef or the chicken. You must submit to guileless in the service of the people. Dramatically expressed: At the end of the breeding of the appropriate death.

the center of the German Christmas tree production in the Sauerland, where the decoration of the season is grown article on 12,500 hectares. “Most of the trees are beaten nowadays, the rental getopfter copies is a niche,” says the BVWE-Chairman Martin Rometsch from Bühl at the foot of the black forest. He doubts that will prevail this offer ever. The Pinching of a Nordmann fir with its deep taproot in a plastic pot tree abuse was, so to speak. Besides, Who rents a tree and want him to survive, must care. Not the heating, neat water, maybe even a little intercession. It will warm the tree, he thinks, the spring is already here and is starting to Bud. If he then comes abruptly back into the cold box, is the shock low. I’ll be honest: Waldemar seems to have overcome the Depression. Today, I’m sorry.

But there is a much more important Problem in On-Demand business with sustainable Christmas trees: the Transport. The providers, including large DIY player, serve customers in the whole of Germany. The Horst schäfers, promote sustainability, have many customers in Berlin but also in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Because it will, of course, difficult with the CO2 balance, and grants the company. “We are aware that our customers ask for them. We are working on it,” he stresses, Britta, Horst schäfer. “For the next year, we are planning the delivery of E-scooters.”