The Discounter Aldi Nord is a success story actually. No matter whether in Germany, France or Poland, the low-cost providers. But just on the home market there are now problems: for the First time in its more than 50-year history of the company, the Discounter will write this year in the Federal Republic of a loss, such as an Aldi spokesman said. Previously, the Lebensmittel Zeitung and Manager Magazin had reported about it.

The trade group started last year to modernize its long-neglected stores. The investment program Aldi Nord in-store concept, in short, Aniko, you should be bright, friendly and generous. The sale away from the barren neon light and wooden pallets to a cosy atmosphere with more fresh fruit and vegetables should land. A billion Euro want to leave the company, the Europe-wide costs.

The discounters hoped for due to the experience in test stores strong growth in sales. But it came different. In spite of the good economic situation and the high level of investment of Aldi Nord will achieve according to its own figures this year in the German business only a modest increase in turnover of around one percent. Thus, the Essenes are likely to be significantly behind the competitors.

Strong international business compensates for losses in Germany

For the weak development in sales is not only the fact that week were closed for a week well over 40 branches, due to the necessary conversion and your sales were. More important, perhaps, was that of dealing with the new load overwhelmed many in the company. There have been problems with the availability of goods and the assignment of Staff, which have adversely affected the business felt, it said.

The difficulties were probably the reason for the surprising departure of Aldi-Nord in-chief Marc Heußinger in the autumn of this year. As the news Agency dpa reported, has not been Heußinger accused within the company and from the owner family, he is implementing the modernization program quickly enough.

“It is not a savings program. There is no staff reduction, but, on the contrary, a radical modernisation”, announced the company spokesman. However, 2019 will be a difficult year for the company. Of money, it should not be lacking in the tag. “The investments will be ensured from both the cash flow and the return made, as well as through company deposits,” said the company spokesman.

And, of course, also helps that in other Parts of the international Aldi-Nord network, and the business is currently significantly better than in Germany. This year, the profits of the foreign subsidiaries, according to the company, will ensure that Aldi Nord power as a Whole, despite the losses in the double-digit millions in Germany a profit.