(Ottawa) Alexandre Trudeau, the brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee to explain his role in the affair of the Chinese donation linked to Beijing to the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation.

His testimony is scheduled to take place next Wednesday before the Freedom of Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee, which is examining foreign interference and the threats it poses to democratic institutions.

Alexandre Trudeau had expressed the wish to be heard by this committee in an interview he gave to the daily Le Devoir this week.

“I want to testify before the committee that’s looking into it. I’m ready to say everything I know about the foundation. Hurry! “he said in particular on a daily basis.

The chairman of the ethics committee, Conservative MP John Brassard, granted his wish as the former president and CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Pascale Fournier, ended her testimony on Friday on the stormy events that led to his resignation recently.

More details to come.