Donald Trump is demanding an unusual step before debates: The controversial ex-Realiy TV star wants a drug test from Joe Biden.

Next high-profile demand in the US election campaign: According to the NYPost, former US President Donald Trump called for an unusual step in a speech in St. Paul, Minnesota: His political opponent Joe Biden should undergo a drug test before the two upcoming presidential debates.

Trump justified his demand by assuming that Biden may have been under the influence of drugs during his State of the Union address in March.

Trump is quoted by the NYPost as saying, “I just want to debate this guy, but you know – and I’m going to demand a drug test, by the way.” He went on to claim that Biden was “high as a kite” during his speech. been. The Republican left it open whether he would be willing to take such a test himself.

Biden, now 81, spoke loudly and at a high pace during his State of the Union address. That observation led to speculation among other Republicans, including GOP Doctors Caucus co-chair Greg Murphy, who claimed Biden “must have been psyched on something that day.”

The demand is not new: Trump had already suggested in 2020 that Biden should undergo a drug test. He based this on the assumption that Biden’s appearances during the Democratic primaries were “irregular.”

So far, neither Trump nor Biden have taken a drug test before the debates. The two agreed this week to debate each other on June 27 on CNN and September 10 on ABC. Asked whether the networks would provide fair conditions for the debates, Trump replied: “They will be fair, I think they will be fair enough.”

The 2024 US election Biden against Trump will take place on Tuesday, November 5. A tough election campaign is expected in the weeks leading up to it.

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