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History 08/01/20 Chess game “Stalin – Yezhov”: than she surprised grandmasters

In the best of times, Nikolai Yezhov, Stalin treated his people’s Commissar of internal Affairs as a close friend and was with him not only working hours but also leisure. The world history of chess includes batch record “Stalin – Yezhov”, the authenticity of which, however, doubt the majority of researchers.

Stalin was a chess player

the question of the relation of the “father of peoples” to the game of chess is a subject of debate in historical science. It is known that Stalin supported the development of chess in the Soviet Union and was patronized by the leading grandmasters, believing, apparently, that their success in the international arena raises the prestige of the “country of victorious socialism”. The Stalin era is the rise of Mikhail Botvinnik and Grigory Levenfish. Stalin tried to return to their homeland and the strongest player in the tsarist Russia of Alexander Alekhine. But I played chess with the dictator?

Like many colleagues in the party, before the revolution, Joseph Dzhugashvili spent many years in exile. In this environment, chess was a popular pastime – Board and pieces it was easy to keep to yourself. There is evidence that Stalin was playing chess and after 1917. According to the diaries of the Georgian Director Mikhail Chiaureli, he was a frequent chess partner of the leader.

the Interest of Stalin, chess, confirmed by its political rhetoric. For example, the actions of the Trotskyist opposition “father of Nations” compared with the “chess game”.

Finally, chess attributes appear among the gifts to the leader. In 1946, the American team chess sent to the Kremlin a pipe “Stalin and Truman play chess” – a possible indication that the party took place. A few chess sets from different countries (France, Poland) Stalin was in 1949 when he was 70 years old. However, the pictures of Stalin behind the game has not been preserved.

PArtia “Stalin – Yezhov”

When and where was first published record of the party, “Stalin – Yezhov” is unclear. Perhaps the primary source was the book of Gerhard Hensely “Fun with chess”, dated 1959. Without any references since 1970-ies the description of the party move from one the chess of the encyclopedia to another.

According to the memorabilia, the game was played in 1926. However, it is unlikely to take place within the specified period, as Yezhov was not yet confidant of the leader, and worked in the regional Committee of the CPSU(b) in Kazakhstan. This fact can be considered a mistake of Dating. Most likely the game if it took place, occurred in 1936. Russian authors Boris Bryukhanov and Eugene Shashkov in the book “is not subject to Justification. Yezhov, and Yezhov terror”, saying that Yezhov was tried during the chess game to do a “giveaway”, but Stalin didn’t like it.

analysis of the recording suggests that both opponents had a great game experience. The debut was played almost at the level of grandmasters, in particular, it was used a “continuation of Nindorf”, common in the 1930-ies. But in the middlegame and endgame players special abilities not demonstrated. Stalin, playing white, made full use of its advantages. He played extremely aggressive, Yezhov successfully kept the defense up to 17 stroke when made a fatal mistake.

the Polish grandmaster Krzysztof Pytel, having studied the party, wrote:

“Playing on Board this party, I could not help thinking about the possibility of falsification, is clearly far-fetched. Because, firstly, applied Yezhov Sicilian building at that time was not yet in Vogue, it was included in the tournament practice much later; secondly, the one who so correctly plays debut, as did black in this game, do not take such a naive and antiposition solutions that would occur to Yezhov on the 17th and 18th moves.”

According to Pytel, the victim of a black Queen at 28 speed – too unnatural move. Real Yezhov would prefer to give up immediately.

Skeptical and domestic IPinvestigators Victor Malkin and Vladimir Fedorov. In his article, published in 2000, they argue that “chess game “Stalin – Yezhov” in nature does not exist”. According to grandmaster Yuri Averbakh, the author of the forgery might be a “chess Joker-forger” and it happened after Stalin’s death.

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