Why Khrushchev was forbidden to sing the national anthem of the USSR

History 08/01/20 Why Khrushchev was forbidden to sing the national anthem of the USSR

With the beginning of the great Patriotic war, when the strength of Patriotic feelings of the Soviet people depended all his future, the country’s leadership decided to replace “outdated”, in the words of Stalin, “the international” new, relevant spirit of the time with the national anthem. The “Internationale,” which served since 1922 as the official anthem of the Soviet Union, personified the struggle of the people for freedom and calling for the fire of world revolution. The task of the new anthem was the strengthening of spiritual braces of the nation and appeal to the sovereign consciousness of the country opposing the evil world. The winner of the competition announced by the Bolshevik party among Soviet composers and poets, was the version written by Sergei Mikhalkov and journalist Grigory El-Registan, music by Alexander Alexandrov. Their legal rights, the new national anthem of the Soviet Union joined with the beginning of 1944, and during its existence has undergone several revisions. Few people know that in the country’s history was a long period when the national anthem was performed without words.

the Soviet national anthem – verbal and wordless

“the unbreakable Union of free republics/ United forever great Russia”, – the first rumbling sounded throughout the country on new year’s night of heavy military 1944. These lines of the new national anthem became the code in the changed coordinate system the future of the victorious people, all the forces which was now abandoned to the protection, preservation and long-term recovery of his country, withered and mutilated by the invaders. However, with the death of Stalin on 5 March 1953 and the subsequent XX Congress of the CPSU in February 1956, he returned to a dramatically changed government policy forced the country’s new leadership, now headed by N. S. Khrushchev, back to the question of the relevance of the content of the national anthem of the Soviet Union.

across countriese was the hasty dismantling of all installed monuments to Stalin, the name of the late disgraced leader rapidly out of all the official names and the state of important texts. And the line of the anthem “We grew Stalin allegiance to the people, On work and on feats we were inspired” in terms of the ongoing struggle against the “cult of personality” became a serious problem.

According to the researcher A. P. Kuropatkin, re-competition for a new national anthem was unofficially declared N. S. Khrushchev in December 1955, before the official exposure of the “cult of personality”. Secret finalists of the contest are the authors of M. V. Isakovsky, M. F. Rylsky and the same S. Mikhalkov. However, for reasons that remain unknown, the competition was brought to an end, and the problem of “mothballed” for the next two decades. From 1956 until 1977, in the official text of the Soviet anthem remained in the line about Stalin, but no one else heard. The whole of this long period of almost all formal occasions the music was performed without words.

Only 27 may 1977 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR officially approved a new version of the national anthem of the country, proposed unchanged Sergei Mikhalkov, in which not a word was said about the “father of the nation”, but glorified not mentioned before “the Party of Lenin, strength of the people”, leading the country to the triumph of communism. However, since 26 December 1991 marked the collapse of the Soviet Union, still the state anthem once again had permanently silenced, replaced by a “Patriotic song” by Mikhail Glinka. But the silence only to return a decade later, in 2001, as the national anthem of the Russian Federation, in the third edition of the same Sergei Mikhalkov –

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