The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau closed out today that he is in a coalition government that will form. The Liberal Party, He won in Monday’s election, however, scored less well than the previous one, and it lost its absolute majority at the time.

“I can tell you that it’s not in our plans to include some form of a coalition to join, formally or informally,” said He, at his first news conference since the election.He promised he would be at the same time, and to work together with the opposition’s parliamentary support for his minority government.

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one of The priorities of his government, which is in accordance with europe and asia on the 20th of november, ingezworen, running one hand around to taking action on climate change, and on the other hand, is around the costs of maintenance, says the. In addition, the prime minister said plans to proceed with the controversial expansion of its oil pipeline to Trans Mountain, which, despite hampered by the opposition.

the Scandals and missteps

In 2015, it was He in power with an absolute majority of the votes. This past Monday, it turned out that the Liberals in the parliament, henceforth, should be set up, with 157 seats-in place of the 177. Since then, the party has 13 seats of the deficit of an absolute majority of the votes. The 47-year-old He was at first very popular, but its position is weakened as a result of a series of scandals and a number of personal and political missteps.