The economy Techinvesteerder SoftBank is pumping further billions into WeWork, the provider of the kantoorwerkruimtes who got in trouble in the run-up to a cancelled initial public offering. This keeps the interest of the Japanese investors in up to 80 per cent., as it turns out.

The new agreement will include other things that they turned a 5 billion u.s. dollars in WeWork, pump, and 3 billion in spending for existing shareholders to buy it. In addition, a previously agreed-upon funding, of $ 1.5 billion, will be accelerated. All In all, they turned to now, more than 13 billion us dollars in WeWork put into it.

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As part of the deal, the ceo of SoftBank, Marcelo Claure, in a position. He is the executive chairman of the board of directors. Former ceo Adam Neumann WeWork, an “observer” of the board of directors. In a statement, it is emphasized that SoftBank does not take control of you. “WeWork is not a subsidiary of SoftBank’, as it sounds, but it will remain a separate entity.