GREEN BAY, Wis. — Brett Favre expects Aaron Rodgers could win a second Super Bowl with all the Green Bay Packers, but he is not optimistic that there’ll be an additional streak given what he knows about that the rift between Rodgers and the group .

However, what was striking was his forecast for how it’s going to perform.

“Boy it is a fantastic question; that is the million-dollar question,” Favre said through a 45-minute interview about the series. “I believe I understand Aaron pretty nicely, and frankly I just don’t see him coming back and only saying,’All right, let’s just bury the hatchet, anything led to the rift, and I am going to return and play since I really like the men, I really like the Green Bay fans’ — I presume he can — but his rift is not with all the fans or the players. It is with front office. Can he simply swallow his pride and come back in? Maybe. However, I really don’t see that occurring.

“If there is not a transaction, my gut tells me he’d rather sit than perform. That’s only my gut. There is no reason for me to state that besides that is exactly what my gut’s telling me, and I believe that you guys know Aaron pretty well enough to kind of feel the identical way.”

He likened it to the way Barry Sanders walked off in the Detroit Lions soon before the 1999 season.

Favre said he texted Rodgers last Thursday, soon after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers has informed a few from the Packers organization he no longer desires to perform with the team that drafted him in 2005 to finally replace Favre at 2008, also joked he requested Rodgers when he was planning to play with to the New Orleans Saints this season, speaking to the group Favre grew up viewing in Mississippi.

He explained Rodgers responded by stating he did not believe that was likely to occur however, added,”‘Thank you for checking on me. I will get in touch with you after all this is ‘ “We have not talked since.”

Favre said he’d be inclined to talk through things with Rodgers and provide his view on how things finished in Green Bay because of him. Favre noted that the main one being the staff needed a determination from Favre about if he intended to play in 2008 and in the time Favre was not prepared to commit, so that he retired.

Favre, who had been traded to the New York Jets and performed for a single year prior to two seasons with all the Minnesota Vikings, expects things finish otherwise for Rodgers.

“However, the thing is, life is too short, I need him to be happy. He has been there so long as I had been there, and now I understand exactly what this means, and he has set up incredible numbers. Win another Super Bowl and then do exactly what you would like to do, while it’s continue playing, play someplace else, anything. But acquire one longer in Green Bay and proceed out how that you wish to go out.

“You do not wish to go this way out, while it’s sit or play someplace else.”

The meeting concluded with a single closing, pessimistic line from Favre.

“But now I am not so optimistic.”