The economy, It was more so that Thomas Cook this morning has been declared bankrupt. It’s from the end of the Uk tour, however, is not to be in the last five years, more than 22.6 million euros in bonuses to cash out. So it went as CEO, Peter Fankhauser, who is now output in the apology to the hundreds of thousands of stranded customers, in the use of almost 9.4 million, reports The Telegraph. “The management committee would have their bonuses to repay”, says the opposition party, Labour.

in The last few years, and lived with the fear of bankruptcy, though in the Uk reisgigant. In 2014 took over as the Swiss chief executive officer, Peter Fankhauser, and the flight controls. The Telegraph reports that Fankhauser in 2015, with a bonus of 3.25 million, and a total of more than 9.3 million if binnenrijven.CFO, Michael Healy, and Bill Scott, who was only at the beginning of this year had, according to the newspaper, and about 8 million have been paid since the year 2014.

See also the Almost-bankrupt’s principal opiatencrisis would be 31 million euros in bonuses paid out,

are Also mentioned in the British newspaper, the Belgian president of the reisconcern, Frank Meysman, Thomas Cook’s, in the same period of time, the 1.8 million it would have cost. Meysman came out in 2011, to the board, as Thomas is already in financial trouble.