Celebrities, Jonathan Van Ness, one of the five presenters of the ‘Queer Eye’, in an interview with the New York Times for the first time, it is revealed that he was infected with hiv / aids. From He was diagnosed at the age of 25, after he fainted had been made, and flu-like symptoms and had.

all The celebrity hair stylist, is one of the five main characters from the popular Netflix series, with the unveiling of a chapter of his book, ‘ Over the Top’, which is now on the Tuesday it is released. “That is as devastating as you might think,” he said. He was a suspect when he was a 25-year-old age to faint at the hair salon where he worked. The next day, he went to a clinic for a test.

Later in the interview, Van Ness, about his battle with addiction, in part caused by the sexual abuse that he had in his childhood experience. He revealed that he was a cocaine began to be used during the first semester at the university, and he also began with the smoking of methamphetamine. During this period, prostitueerde Of the Site is to take drugs to be able to pay for it. He was also a two-time in a rehab, but it fell just as many times.


From the Site has long been questioned for his hiv-positive status in his book. “I have spent the past three months, every night nightmares, had to be, because I’m afraid to be myself, as vulnerable people,” he admits. “It’s hard for me to be as open as I want to be.” The haarstylistbeschouwt on their own, so as a proud member of the beautiful and HIV-positive community, ” and hopes that his openness on the subject of helping to make misunderstandings to occur. “At that time “Queer Eye” came out, I wanted to do, it does not necessarily have to be about my status. But for now, I need to talk about this.”