Oudsbergen In the presence of more than 1,000 professionals from the sector, it was Monday afternoon, the edition 2020 of the Gault&Millau Guide is suggested, in the seventeenth in a row. The anonymous inspectors from the guide this year in the Belgium, and Luxembourg, there are more than 1,300 restaurants, recently reviewed, including the 130 new address. Bert Meewis of the restaurant is European in Oudsbergen got out of the hands of the minister of Tourism, Zuhal Demir with the title of Chef of the Year by the year 2020. A restaurant is awarded a score of 18/20.

in front of an audience of more than 1,000 chefs, journalists, and the partners agreed on the Marc Declerck, and in all of her classes From the seventeenth edition of the Gault&Millau Belux Guide. The title of Chef of the Year 2020, will take place at Bert Meewis of the restaurant is European in Oudsbergen. “Bert Meewis, as the Chef of the Year, we will keukenaanpak where the expertise is, of serenity, of purpose, and a single-minded focus on the central stand. Verification of the stove and on the plate to form the cornerstone of this restaurant, you hear the sound of it. “The well-done and a new classic kitchen, it is a couple of years back, and it remains extremely popular with the Belgian public, as confirmed by CEO Marc Declerck.

“What a surprise”, says a zielsgelukkige Bert Meewis in our paper. “This year I am fifty, the thing is 25 years old, and my son was in this year that the case came in and now this award. Of course, this price is for our entire team and not just myself. I will give the price to my customers, that is us, all the time stayed true to it.”

Limburg is proud of

minister of Tourism, Zuhal Demir, if Meewis for the prize Ribbon in hand. “The cost of state of Flanders, is known for its culinary top quality products. The Bert, and to his many colleagues, who are using top-quality products, creative work, and put us on the map. They have to make up my work, and to allow foreign tourists to come to Flanders, to provoke a whole lot easier. In addition, I know that Bert goes to the extreme to make each and every customer with a unique experience to both the board and the special atmosphere around it.”

maastricht, The highs from the world of politics, business and the art world is to respond proudly to the title champion, and to confirm the authenticity of the cooking of the restaurant is European. “Bert, are, fare, as the man himself. Pure and honest,” said Voka’s ceo Johann and pay Attention. Also, speaker of Patrick Dewael, praise, and fair food: “I’m not a big fan of molecular cuisine, and therefore I value more the respect that Bert has for the raw materials. Pheasant with belgian endives, on the map, is a pheasant with belgian endives on a plate. But damn good service.” The artist Koen Vanmechelen, who is a past pastry chef, and have spent some time with Meewis work: “The absolute power of the Bert is that he’s each and every day of the year and quality of life. Consistent quality, on a plate, it is just about the hardest thing there is.”