Soccer (football), the Brussels labour court, the case will be brought, that ex-referee Bart Vertenten has been set at the Royal Belgian Football association. Vertenten is fighting his dismissal by the royal belgian football association, and is claiming damages of up to the amount of 130,000 euros.

Probably will take about six weeks to clear, if the dossier of the case. The court will be in the calendar, draw up a pleitdatum to determine, because the two parties no agreement could be found. Probably will take about six weeks to become obvious when the dossier of the case.

After a series of inspections in October of last year, in the context of the voetbalschandaal was Vertenten made redundant because of the trust that the ref could not be repaired and fell. Vertenten, the federal public prosecutor’s office as specified in ‘Operation Zero Zero’, due to its contact with a real estate agent and is a key player in Dejan Veljkovic and a wrongly called penalty in the match royal Antwerp-Eupen.

However, according to Vertentens lawyer Hans Rieder, it was this line of argument is not sufficient. He was referring to the scheidsrechtersverslag, in which the lijnrechter the mistake of getting the non-called penalty in the game. Moreover, it would be Vertenten barely any mistakes, so he must have been, according to Rieder.

By the labour court in Brussels, claiming Vertenten, now with a payment in lieu of notice and compensation for loss of abuse. The referee demands that the football association is close to the amount of 130,000 euros.