The Games with The latest version of the video game ‘Call of Duty’ has appeared on the market, and Russia isn’t exactly happy with the end result. In the area of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is the player, as a CIA operative, one way through the valley, which is heavily bombarded by the Russian army. This story takes place in a fictional country, Urzikstan, but it is similar to a real story. It was in the area to understand by a coalition led by the US, was bombed.

The most controversial mission in the Call of Duty, and it is called the Highway of Death. The player will play as Alex, a CIA agent, a pro-American military. Alex is like the water in a Urzikstaanse a valley filled with bombed-out vehicles. It is, along with Russian snipers to fight. The Russians would be in the valley during a full-scale invasion, have been bombed, and the refugees had been killed.

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all The real Highway of Death occurred in February, 1991. When the Iraqi troops are on a highway and another from saudi arabia, the first and the last vehicles in the convoy, was bombed by the allied forces. The remaining soldiers were unable to make way, and it was prijsschieten for the American, Canadian, British, and French forces. Hundreds and hundreds of Iraqis lost their lives.Russia is, therefore, that the American producers of the game are trying to revise history.

a Russian state-owned television stations have already put a lot of the criticism of the game. In beoordelingssite all time according to complain about gamers, is that Russia is being demonized, and that the bad Russians against good Americans to stand up. Another gamer said: “The graphics are good, but the story is filthy, propaganda, and lies.”