As the soldiers at the front reduced the level of adrenaline

Another 05/01/20 How the red army at the front reduced the level of adrenaline

Psychologists and psychiatrists confirm that increasing the level of adrenaline in combat provokes stress. At different times and different wars to reduce the concentration of the “hormone of fear” tried in many ways.

Adrenaline contributing to stress, is produced by the adrenal glands. According to psychiatrists, the increased content of this hormone in the body of a soldier occurs in the battle, and after battle, when the fighter is experiencing the events.
the British historian Anthony Beevor, describing ways to relieve stress postbefore the soldiers of the red army in the great Patriotic war, brings the story about the famous “narkomovskih 100 grams” – a certain amount of alcohol (usually vodka), which were issued to the combatants. Beevor writes that sometimes this dose is not enough to relieve the stress, and the soldiers were looking for ways to get supplements, drinking industrial alcohol and antifreeze, changed the brew yakoy the ideal of feminine beauty were Siberians of the population in their uniforms.
the Most skilled soldiers never drank before the fight – according to the memoirs of veterans of the great Patriotic war, attacks often perished drunk before the onset of the youth – those of the soldiers were disturbed coordination of movements, blunted the sense of danger and self-preservation.

Analyzing postbounce physical and mental state of American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan, journalist and documentarian Sebastian Junger wrote about the precursor of adrenaline, dopamine – the neurotransmitter of the human brain, which is in the process of completing the fighting forms so-called the dopamine reward system – something similar to narcotic intoxication that occurs when successful implementation of work connected with risk, excitement. Junger says that does not by chance of war, hunting, gambling and computerCernymi games often passionate about men – the strong half of humanity, in which the level of production of adrenaline initially higher.
the American command in the war in Afghanistan to overcome the Blues subordinates, dreaming to be in the fight, gave them the opportunity to “break away” in video games-“shooters”.

the American military psychologist Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman confirmed that for many Vietnam veterans the best medicine for the treatment of postbounce syndrome was a new battle – the soldiers repeatedly returned back to Vietnam. These volunteers are sincere, he admitted: nothing better in their lives had no other permanent residence “on adrenaline”, the feeling of a fighting brotherhood. Such cases, when the wounded were trying to quickly escape from the hospital to catch up with their colleagues who fought on the front lines, EN masse has happened in other wars, in particular, on the great Patriotic war (the examples described in the novels of Mikhail Sholokhov “They fought for the Motherland” and brothers Vainer “Era of mercy”).

As he wrote to a former marine and now an American journalist and writer Geoffrey Ingersoll, in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the commanders had to monitor the possible appearance of the soldiers after combat parasympathetic backlash is when a man who had long been in a stressful situation (in battle), they get incredible fatigue and apathy to everything going on, he literally falls down. The appearance of this condition contributes to the increased content of adrenaline in the blood. He recalled how the veterans of the great Patriotic war, if after exhausting battles were given the opportunity, they could sleep for days under fire, in the snow – in all conditions.
American psychiatrists conducted studies showing that, if for two calendar months the unit participating in the ongoing fighting, the 98% of soldiers due to stay in a state of constant stress will certainly be violatedIya psyche.

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