Found in forgotten safe Yakov Sverdlov, a few years after his death

History 05/01/20 found in forgotten safe Yakov Sverdlov, a few years after his death

Until now, the death of Yakov Sverdlov remains one of the most popular topics of debate among historians. However, with the demise of the revolutionary riddles in his career is not over. 16 years later after his funeral, the employees of the Kremlin, engaged in another inventory, found a fireproof Cabinet that once stood in the office of Sverdlov. About the contents of the safe Genrikh Yagoda informed Stalin in a memo.

Inheritance Sverdlov

Klavdia Novgorodtseva, the second and last wife of Yakov Sverdlov, claimed that after the murder of one of the founders of the Communist party of Germany Karl Liebknecht Andrei Sverdlov asked the father, saying that if the deal the bourgeoisie. However Sverlov assured the son that such an outcome should not be afraid. “When I die, I leave you an inheritance, which is no better thing in the world. I will leave you with no stained the honor of the name of a revolutionary,” said Yakov Andrew. At least, that is what the following story describes in his book “Sverdlov” Valery Samburov. That’s just really wife Sverdlov had and it is material wealth.

the fact that, as argued by Boris Bazhanov, the author of the book “I was Stalin’s Secretary,” in 1919, when the Soviet government hung in the balance, were selected so-called “diamond Fund of the Politburo.” This Fund was to ensure the continued existence of revolutionaries in the event of a fall they preset order. The Keeper of the diamond Fund was appointed Klavdiya Novgorodtseva. Even after the death of Yakov Sverdlov, his wife continued to keep the gems at home in a writing Desk drawer. About it told Baranovo and Andrei Sverdlov. But Sverdlov, Jr., then a teenager, was sure that he had seen the diamonds – the usual fake.

a Forgotten safe Deposit box

However, as it turned out, Andrei Sverdlov was wrong. Despite the fact that “the diamond Fund of the Politburo” and remains one of the mysteries of history, that he really existed, and that it was directly against Claudius and Yakov Sverdlov, many historians do not doubt. One proof of this assertion is the content of the fireproof Cabinet that was once in the office of Yakov. If you believe Eugene Gussarova, the author of the newspaper “Lenin in life,” in 1919, when Sverdlov died, safe open failed: the key is somewhere lost. 16 years in the safe gathering dust on one of the Kremlin warehouses.

In 1935, during the next inventory a mysterious wardrobe aroused great interest among employees of the Kremlin. At this time, for opening the safe and call a specialist. The richness of Yakov Sverdlov is today known surviving thanks to the note of the Commissar of internal Affairs Genrikh Yagoda in the name of Joseph Stalin dated 27 July 1935. Test it is given in the edition of Nicholas Zenkovich “Leaders and associates”. According to the document, in the safe Sverdlov was discovered gold coins of tsarist minting in the amount of 108 525 rubles, 705 copies of jewelry, credit cards for 750 thousand rubles, and also blank forms of passports of the Royal of the sample and several passports in different names (including the name of Sverdlova).

the Origin of wealth

it is Clear that a passport could be needed by Yakov Sverdlov and his family to escape. As mentioned above, in 1919, the position of Soviet power, the stability did not differ. On the appointment of the coins and jewelry too, do not have to guess, but their origin still raises more questions than answers. According to one version, jewelry and other valuables belonged to members of the Royal family. Some of them have appropriated the Yakov Sverdlov. At least in the “Collection of documents relating to the murder of Emperor Nicholas II and his family” there is evidence that Y. M. Yurovsky and G. P. Nikulin came with a report on the liquidation of the Romanovs, Lenin and Sverdlova. With them they brought not only documents and letters, but the bag with diamonds.

a Similar assumption is expressed in the pages of his book “How to fight corruption” and Alexander Severus. However, the North also writes about the fact that jewels could act as bribes, which took Yakov Sverdlov from the relatives of those who were in the dungeons of the Cheka. In addition, there is evidence that Sverdlov gave the Cheka the many friends who as thanks, likely, shared with him their bribes. However, according to Alexander Severus, it is possible that Yakov received values by legal means, that’s just the state didn’t return them. Anyway, take all this wealth Sverdlov and never had a chance.

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