As sister and brother of Yuri Gagarin, the Germans tried to steal in Germany

Biography 01/01/20 Valentin, Boris, Zoya and Yuri Gagarin (the future astronaut sitting on the chair). The village of Klushino, 1938 as the sister and brother of Yuri Gagarin, the Germans tried to steal in Germany

In February 1943, brother and sister of Yuri Gagarin, the Germans sent to work in Germany. But to get to the lair of the Nazis, they were not meant to be. In the Smolensk region began the Soviet offensive: in the confusion of Valentina and Zoe managed to escape. However they did not return home.


the arrival of the German troops, the Gagarins had met in his native village of Klushino that was lost in the North-East of Smolensk region. It happened on October 12, 1941, shortly after George went to the first class. Father the future astronaut, a hereditary carpenter Alexei Ivanovich the front did not take because of poor health. He strongly limped, before the war, suffered the worst form of typhus. Together with his wife Anna Timofeyevna, they raised four children. Yuri was the third child in the family after his brother Valentine and sister Zoe, the youngest was Boris.
largely due to the fact that the Gagarins remained in German-occupied village during the war in the official biography of Yuri Alekseyevich reflected surface. We must not forget that the Soviet authorities were suspicious to anyone who lived under the occupation regime. However, there are many testimonies, mostly memories of Yuri and Valentina, which allow to fill this gap.
the Germans have a room under the workshop and they chose the home of the Gagarin family that Alexei Ivanovich had built with his own hands. The hosts drove into the street. But the head of the family did not give up: he dug in the garden hut is a small, only four by four meters, covered it with turf and laid out the stove. Here the family had to live three long years.
Gagarin had Suffered from the Germans a lot. In their home the Nazis albert, nicknamed for his cruelty the devil. Once he put nand the porch of a sugar cube and asked the children to take it. Senior, suspecting something was wrong didn’t rise to the bait, but Boris could not resist and not paying attention to the warning held out to the treat hand. As soon as he touched the sugar and immediately received a painful blow on the fingers clad in boots foot. Bob began to cry. Yuri could not stand this mockery of his brother and with a run stopped by a Nazi’s head between his legs. From the violence of the future astronaut saved only by the fact that soon to the house I drove the car Laden with batteries, and albert had to do with acceptance of the goods.
Not left Yuri in trouble and the older brother Valentine. Somehow the German General, who served Valentin in the house of his former neighbor, came to visit. The company have a good drink and wanted to have fun. The man was forced out into the courtyard, stand at the fence and get into the outstretched arms empty bottles. Began target practice. Valya miraculously spared. In the end, the drunken officers had gone into the house to grab a drink and then continue execution. At this point, the jury asked the rest in the yard of the SS to release the brother, and together they left the yard threat.


on 5 February 1943 at the door of the dugout where Gagarin lived, knocked on the door. Opening the bolt, Anna Timofeevna saw before him the face of the policeman sherbachev, who worked until the arrival of the Germans a veterinarian. He circled his puffy eyes close the room and settled on Valentina. “Get dressed and come out,” he barked the shcherbachev. Mother started to protest, but the policeman rudely stopped her, explaining: “public works sent the youth. Great Germany calling”. Soon gathered all the young fellows of the village on the square, put them gunmen and taken to an unknown direction.
Valentin Gagarin later admitted that deceived them “as blind kittens”. Told that along to Gzhatsk heavy snow drifts to dig, and day in three or four promised to return back. However, Valentina already immediately alerted that they were herded into the yard, fenced from the sunex sides by barbed wire and guarded by SS men with dogs. “We were in a hopeless cell. German soldiers with guns in hand guarding our every move”, writes Valentine.
in the Morning before heading to the Gzhatsk children allowed to see their families. By this time there was already concentrated extra security. Yuri, clinging to his older brother, kept saying, “They’ll kill you, Val! Run at the first opportunity!”. Valentin himself was unbearably creepy at that moment. He promised his younger brother that run away.
less than a week, both in the dugout Gagarin was another knock. Now on the threshold stood corporal Finnish with chernouhie the Airedale Terrier. He gazed at everyone and stopped at Zoe. In broken Russian Finn called her on the square, comforting, “everything will be okay.” His mother’s words about the fact that Zoe is still very small it didn’t faze him. The corporal did not even look plaintive wailing of a mother.
Column composed of these same little girls-teenagers as Zoe slowly moved to the outskirts of the village. Her pace was a mother. They turned back only after the SS threatened to pull the dogs on them. Zoe was expecting the same fate as his older brother Valentine. They were sent to work in Germany.


March 9, 1943, the day of birth of the Jura, in Klushino the Red Army arrived. He was soon liberated the whole of Gzhatsk district. Before Gagarin’s heard the rumor that Valentin and Zoe have managed to avoid deportation. As later told Valentine, three weeks later, the convoy arrived in Belarus, waiting for there part in Germany. Seizing the right moment, the young man took a machine gun from his guard and fled into the nearby forest, where he met our tankers. By the time he knew that the Soviet troops liberated Klushino, so his family was no longer threatened.

Escaped German captivity, Valentin and Zoya decided to join the ranks of the red army. Brother remained to serve in the tank, sister performed the duties of nurses. On the front they stayed until the end of the war.

the Gagarins were reunited only after the Victory over Nazi Germany. They moved to Gzhatsk, where the head of the family rebuilt their home. In 1951, Yuri went to school in Saratov: it was there that he decided to connect his life with the sky. Valentin, Zoe and Boris soon found himself in the shadow of his famous brother. After the flight of Yuri in space they were even lucky enough to attend a government reception in the Kremlin.
Valentin after the war changed many occupations. He worked as a carpenter, driver, mechanic in the garage. In 1963, together with his wife and three daughters moved to Ryazan, where he worked on radiolampovogo plant, first as master and then fitter. After the death of Yuri in the early 1970s, Valentin again settled in the town of Gagarin (former Gzhatsk), where he helped the mother to organize a memorial Museum of his famous brother.

6 APR 1985 Valentin Alekseyevich Gagarin decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was awarded the order of Patriotic war II degree. A year earlier the publishing house “Moscow worker”, was released his book “My brother Yuri”, which enjoyed great popularity readers. Died Valentin Gagarin in 2006.

Zoe Gagarina written much less. It is known that she was married, worked as a nurse in the clinic of Gzhatsk (Gagarin later), died in 2004. Her daughter Tamara became head of the Department of the Museum of Y. A. Gagarin. Younger brother passed away in 1977. All the Gagarins (except Yuri) buried in the Main Avenue Baptist cemetery town of Gagarin. The ashes of the first cosmonaut, as we know, buried in the necropolis near the Kremlin wall.

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