As Dzerzhinsky almost became President of Poland in 1920

History 03/01/20 As Dzerzhinsky almost became President of Poland in 1920

Only in Soviet history, the two countries Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky had a unique experience: in 1949-1956 he held the post of Minister of defence of Poland, and on his return to Moscow was appointed Deputy Minister of defense of the USSR. 30 years earlier a similar trick could do the Felix Dzerzhinsky. Chief security officer of the Soviet Russia was 60 kilometers away in order to lead Poland. It would be truly phenomenal precedent.

wanted to Fight only Lenin

in the Summer of 1920, the young Krask Rokossovsky fought with Baron Ungern’s Mongolian border, and the Red army triumphantly swept across Poland, intending to take Warsaw and export the fire of revolution in Europe. In the RSFSR, and in the West at that time, everyone’s lips were the names of Mikhail Tukhachevsky and Semyon Budyonny with his hordes of half-savage in the representation of the European cavalry.

In the ruling circles of Russia, then formed the influential Polish faction. Dzerzhinsky, I think, no introduction needed. A very valuable asset to the CPC was the old Communist Julian Marchlewski, an active participant in the revolution of 1905 still, and that was especially valuable, a childhood friend of the commander of the Polish army of Jozef Pilsudski. Oversaw Polish much more age of Feliks Kon, a scientist-geographer who collaborated with the people and exiled to Siberia already in the early 1880s. the RKP (b) he was instructed to lead the Polish Bureau of the Central Committee.

All three were categorically opposed to war with Poland. Wanted spaces social experiments in Russia, they did not want a similar fate to their historical homeland. The Council of people’s Commissars of the Polish comrades, energetically supported by the people’s Commissar for military Affairs Leon Trotsky. Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev took the question the middle position, waiting to see whose side the pendulum will swing in the Proprocess of fierce debate. And only Vladimir Lenin burned the idea to “feel Russian bayonet Pansky Poland”. According to his firm belief, the fall of the Eastern Bastion of capitalist Europe would have marked the approach of the world revolution, dreamed of even Karl Marx.

a Plan of Sovietization of Poland

With the onset of Poland to Belarus and Ukraine in the Soviet Union the poles is simplified. Dzerzhinsky along with Marchlewski and other Communists of Polish origin, who worked in the Russian Federation, signed a statement to the Polish government. It said that in case of refusal of the armistice and the cessation of the military campaign, the Polish Communists “will to defend, as defended so far, proletarian Russia from this attack”.

Budyonny had to go to Lviv, Tukhachevsky was threatening Warsaw. Demoralized the Polish part of in a panic ran throwing the weapon. Many towns the soldiers were taken without a fight. In the Kremlin prevailed unprecedented enthusiasm. There is little doubt that with Poland, this unloved both the king and Chairman of the CPC part of the former Russian Empire will soon be finished.

the Campaign was nearing completion, and the table of the meetings of the Soviet government is already actively discussed plans for the coming Sovietization of Poland. For the execution of government functions under the control of the Bolsheviks in the Polish territories on 30 July 1920 in białystok was established a provisional revolutionary Committee of Poland – Polivka, which included the most prominent members of the Polish Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b), the best poles in Soviet Russian service. In the manifest PRK emphasized that the red army fighting in Poland under the slogan “For our and your freedom”.

Since the advent of Polivka announced the establishment of the Foundation of the Polish Soviet Republic. Formally, the Chairman was the well-deserved fighter of the revolution Marchlewski, but in reality, the functions of the head of the Committee was intended to Dzerzhinsky, who had already managed to scare all of Russia his terrible Cheka. In future Soviet Poland, according toSSS ideas of Lenin, Dzerzhinsky had become, neither more nor less than the founding father of the new Polish state. Warsaw was to be used as a staging point for further efforts to promote the dictatorship of the proletariat – there is already Germany was not far off.

“I am Ilyich, and hence of the Central Committee, mobilized for Poland,” wrote Dzerzhinsky and Lenin warned the enemies of Soviet Russia – is the Polish gentry, “Polish peasants and workers we have no quarrels”.

the Red army fell near Warsaw

Secretary of Palriwala became Edward Pruchniak, the issues of party building was entrusted to Joseph Unshliht, agriculture – Stanislav Bobinsky, and Felix Kon had to deal with people’s education. Tadeusz Radwanski was head of propaganda and agitation.

15 Aug 1920 Dzerzhinsky, Marchlewski and Kon went from Bialystok to Warsaw. European Newspapers in those days gave to the head of the Soviet KGB attention, presenting him as a future leader of Poland. However to grow into a figure equivalent to Lenin, Dzerzhinsky still no luck.

Waiting for the capture of the Polish capital by the red army, the trio of Polish Communists spent the night in the suburbs of Warsaw vyshkov in the house of the priest, which had the difficult conversation on a political topic. This city was the last point taken by the red army. The poles, as we know, created the miracle on the Vistula, Tukhachevsky stopped at the walls of Warsaw. Disordered Dzerzhinsky, together with his colleagues on 16 August, had hastily to return to the Bialystok – Polish officers were not averse to capture him prisoner.

the next day he wrote to his wife about the fact that “Warsaw is not what it was before, and terrorized and squeezed”. Most Dzerzhinsky scolded the Communist party of Poland: this body, in his opinion, “failed to master neither the masses nor the political situation.”

“there is Lack of the leader – Lenin,” said Dzerzhinsky, as if hinting that he is not ready – too small.

August 20, it became clear that reverse rotation will not and the Red army is waiting for a long and painful retreat, Polivka was disbanded.

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