History 03/01/20 Operation “Cedar” which sabotage the KGB planned to hold new York

the Papers, taken out in 1992 on the West by former KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin, told the world about the many plans of the Soviet intelligence services, which have not been implemented. The real sensation was the information that the KGB was preparing a series of diversions in North America under the name “Operation “Cedar”. In the United States among the targets of attacks Soviet agents were the power supply system of the state of new York.

the destruction of the dam

A paper from the archives of the deserter was published by the official historian of the secret services of MI-5 by Christopher Andrew. In addition, in 2014, a number of typewritten transcripts made by Mitrokhin, posted the British archives in London. Although the degree of reliability of the documents is the subject of discussions, stories, mentioned in the archive, quite plausible. That the KGB planned sabotage America, wrote another famous defector – former GRU officer Viktor Suvorov.

According to the “markinson” data from 1959 to 1972, Soviet agents were actively collecting information about the power system of the United States. Based on the study of pictures and diagrams was chosen the most vulnerable targets. Among others it was planned to attack a giant hydroelectric dam Hungry Horse Dam and Flathead Dam in Montana.

“the KGB believed that one of his purposes in Montana, the Flathead dam, a key element of the “biggest electricity system in the world.” Department V specify a point (codenamed DORIS) on the river South Fork, about three kilometers below the dam where it could bring down the number of pylons on a steep mountain slope, the repair of which will take a long time,” says the book, Christopher Andrew, “The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West”.

the Plan to disrupt the operation of Hungry Horse dam was assumed in the first place, the destruction of the towers on the hillside. Usevasis electricity termination, the saboteurs had to sneak into the control system of the dam and destroy it.

in addition to purposes in Montana, it was planned to bring down a cascade of dams on the Delaware river in the Park in big spring. This operation was coordinated from a safe house in harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

new York blackout

If the KGB had reached his goal, remained without electricity would, for example, a city of the state of new York, including the metropolis. To heighten the panic and unrest, the Soviet agents were using the blackout to make the explosions in new York Harbor.

what could cause such a diversion, it is known thanks to the events of 1977, when because of an accident in the night from 13 to 14 July in new York city remained without electricity. The city began rioting and mass looting. To distract the authorities, and to light his way, the criminals made a thousand fires. Out of 100 thousand rampaging youths, the police arrested only a small part, the rest were not punished.

Fire in Canada

in addition to the attacks in the United States the KGB had intended to set fire to the oil and gas pipelines in the southern part of Canada (there is a version that the name “Operation “Cedar” refers only to this part of the plan). If refineries Canada is out of order, it would impede the supply of fuel for power plants.

it is Easy to imagine that overnight the Soviet agents could seriously undermine the economy of two key NATO allies and to provoke them into political instability. It is possible that the Soviet Union was timed to this time, any aggressive action, and can be, on the contrary, for propaganda purposes would offer the “helping hand to the American people in difficult times”. The Mitrokhin archive is not mentioned why the “Operation “Cedar” was not implemented, but it is likely that Moscow is simply scared of the geopolitical complications that would arise if the truth about the sabotage became known.

Although Sovetskthe first threat in the 1950-70-ies were very real in the United States, unlike Italy and the UK, revelations of Mitrokhin did not become an occasion for serious investigation. I should add that the CIA, which former archivist offered his services, refused to cooperate with him, considering documents are of no value.

Timur Sagdiyev

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