A judge specializing in police law is to become the new police commissioner for the state of Berlin. This is Alexander Oerke, he is deputy chairman in the 1st Senate of the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg (OVG). He is not only responsible for police law, but also for public procurement, constitutional protection, assembly, savings banks and waterway law.

Oerke introduces himself to the government factions of the House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon. He must be elected by the state parliament. His post is with the President of the House of Representatives.

The red-green-red coalition has also agreed on a new data protection officer, the post has not been filled since autumn. However, names have not yet been mentioned.

Oerke should have been appointed to the post specially created under Red-Red-Green in spring 2021. As early as January 2021, the coalition had agreed on the judge after an SPD proposal.

It was not a party-political personnel decision, it was said last year, but a technical one for the post, which is paid according to salary level 5, i.e. with almost 9500 euros a month.

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Before the parliamentary elections, there had been massive quarrels in the coalition between the SPD, Left and Greens, and the post was suddenly linked to the Transparency Act and ultimately to Maja Smoltczyk’s successor as data protection officer.

Smoltczyk had again temporarily extended and then left office in the autumn. Despite a B5 salary, none of the well-known favorites on the coalition list was willing to take on the post – or it was rejected.