Which is worse: no competence or no interest? Neither does any minister do any honor. But not being interested, not getting involved, not wanting to understand and learn everything as quickly as possible – that is definitely a no-go.

And that is exactly what the Secretary of Defense is accused of. Not just behind closed doors, but audibly. You of all people, in these times of all people. And the Chancellor is still defending it.

It can get bad for Olaf Scholz. Because that’s the way it is: he is chancellor in times of war, and his most important comrade-in-arms in the military field is the holder of the authority to command and command, Christine Lambrecht.

She constantly arouses resentment. The list of complaints is long, shows a lack of interest in people and files – and now a lawyer has also reported the defense minister.

The ad on suspicion of betrayal of secrets cannot be wiped off the table that easily. The lawyer accuses Lambrecht of having written on her private Instagram account about a visit to a “top secret” unit in connection with the helicopter flight. According to the ad, such a designation of the unit already satisfies the suspicion of the betrayal of official secrets, and the same could apply to the publication of photos. reports The Pioneer.

Also: The fact that the cockpit can be seen in a photo of the son in the government helicopter and conclusions can be drawn about the place of departure – this is strictly forbidden, and not just for members of the Bundeswehr. Warning, secret! Soldiers would probably have to reckon with a disciplinary measure (“Diszi”).

It is, as argued in another advert for the Attorney General Berlin: With good reason, there is a security level almost everywhere in the Bundeswehr.

In the current war, the security precautions are likely to have been significantly strengthened. “It is simply unacceptable that the Defense Minister’s son flies in the government helicopter without any instruction (oral and even in writing with a legally binding signature), while seeing and certainly hearing things that are essential to security (e.g. top secret telephone calls from his mother ), without being informed in advance about the strictest secrecy and legal consequences in the event of violations.”

Can that work? If that’s the case, then the minister is responsible. And then you would be responsible for culpable behavior in matters of secret betrayal in security matters. Christine Lambrecht would finally become a burden for Olaf Scholz.

Can he wear it forever? The majority of Germans expect their resignation. Neither of them will change this mood anymore. The danger is that it will turn against the chancellor.