Alec Baldwin said to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he didn’t pull the trigger on the prop gun he was holding at the time it went off, killing Halyna HUTCHINS

Serge Svetnoy’s attorney has condemned Alec Baldwin’s “misguided” tell-all.

In a Thursday night televised interview, the actor spoke out. He answered questions regarding the Oct. 21 shooting of “Rust”, his Western film about Halyna Hutchins, who was fatally shot and Joel Souza was injured.

Svetnoy confirmed that he was there with Hutchins at the time she was shot, and held her while she died on the New Mexico movie sets.

Attorney Gary A. Dordick sent Fox News Monday a letter stating that there are two ways to fire an gun. He can pull the trigger or pull back the hammer and drop it. Thus Alec Baldwin has admitted conclusively that he pointed the gun at Halyna Houtchins and fired the fatal shot.

He shared that “His prime-time program appears to have been an attempt at swaying public opinion.” He denied any guilt or responsibility for the safety issues on the set. However, he was the producer responsible for them. He behaved as if Halyna Hutchins was his best friend, even though he had only known her for nine days.

Dordick said, “When I take Mr. Baldwin’s deposition in civil case, I’ll play this interview on record and cross-examine [him] on his statements, line after line under oath.” “He didn’t help his civil case, and there is still the possibility of criminal charges. Baldwin shouldn’t have spoken on national television.

Dordick pointed out that Svetnoy had made no comment about Baldwin’s sit down. Dordick stated that there was nothing new in the lawsuit other than the fact that we are amending the case to add new defendants who supplied ammunition.

Baldwin is being sued by Svetnoy, along with armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed and assistant director Dave Halls, for “severe emotion distress” in connection to docs previously obtained from Fox News.

Dordick, 42, told reporters during a November press conference that producers had “cut too many corners to save cash” and that this negligence led to his death.

Baldwin was also a producer for the film. He told George Stephanopoulos that there was no evidence to him crew members were unhappy about safety conditions on set. However, some of them resigned.

Baldwin stated, “I never heard one thing about that,”

Baldwin stated that complaints about the film’s cost-cutting were misguided.

He said, “Everyone who makes movies has to take care not to be reckless or careless with the money they’re given.”

Stephanopoulos asked Baldwin if the cost-cutting had affected safety. Baldwin replied “In my view no.”

He stated that he did not see any security or safety issues during his time there.

Baldwin stated that it was crucial for investigators to determine who fired the bullet into the gun he used to kill Hutchins. He also said that it injured Joel Souza.

Baldwin stated that he didn’t pull the trigger in a clip taken from an interview released the day before. Baldwin said that he would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. Never.”

Baldwin said that Hutchins asked him to point his gun at her armpit just off-camera. Baldwin stated that he pulled the hammer in Hutchins direction.

He said, “I let go the hammer, and the gun goes off.”

Baldwin stated that he did the interview to dispel public misinformation about the shooting, and to clarify that he would do anything to reverse what had happened.

He said, “I want to make it clear that I don’t come across as the victim because there are two victims here.”

Investigators described “some complacency” in the way weapons were handled on “Rust”. They claim it is too early to know if charges will be brought against the Rust set, but there are independent civil lawsuits regarding liability for the fatal shooting.

Baldwin stated that he doesn’t believe that he will face criminal charges in connection to the shooting.

He said, “I’ve spoken to herriff’s department multiple time.” “I don’t have anything to hide.”

He said that the incident left him emotionally devastated.

He said, “I have dreams about it constantly.” “I wake up every morning to see where the guns are going off. These images have been recurring in my head and keeping me awake at night. I haven’t slept in weeks, and have really been struggling with my physical health.”

When Stephanopoulos asked Baldwin if his career was over, Baldwin replied, “It could.”

He stated that his next production still needs him. “But I thought to myself, do I want more work after this?’

Hutchins’ husband and son are survivors.