Sea, In the district court of the city of Veurne is in the process of starting it around in the event of a omgewaaide tower crane in the Sea. On the 27th of december, 2017 and it fell with one fatality. The manager and two employees, who have to give account, as of the company itself, or to the discharge request. The widower of Sarah Schepens and wanted to only speak through his attorney to respond. “The most important thing is that in this section, as soon as possible, to be shut down.”

The preliminary hearing Friday morning and made it clear that it was anything other than a straightforward process that will get. The thing was, after a lot of gediscussieer been postponed to the 24th of april. The only thing that really stands out, is that the process will turn out to be a technical discussion. For example, the lawyers of the accused ask for the expert’s report, and they asked for a private professor, who specializes in the subject matter. Maybe they will have to call as a witness, to be there to explain.