Science Luierverversmachines, overheating the testicles, and kankerwerende pizza are just a few of the topics covered by the studies, which, this year, an Ig Nobel prize for came. The awards are presented annually for research that “first laugh, but then think,” according to the organization.

Like every year, the Ig Nobel prizes, now in their 29th year, on the campus of the prestigious university of Harvard have been awarded. The joyous ceremony, a week before the real Nobel prizes, and it is always awarded by the Nobel prize-winners.

It is not necessary to do new studies. In a study of five Japanese college students 35 years of age, the amount of saliva, which is a five-year-old child to produce the winner of this year’s prize in Chemistry.

The price for the Anatomy, I went to the foreign investigation, in order to know if there is a temperature differential can be measured between the left and the right testis, and has been evaluated on the French postal workers.

See also the Dutch to win the alternative Nobel prize, for research on “dirty money,” Etc shit

the category of Medicine has brought, Italian, and Dutch researchers looked at the cost to their own research that says that pizza can help protect you against diseases when the pizza is made and eaten in Italy. Slightly less good is the object of the study, which concluded that the dead-magnetized’t behave differently than a live magnetised’t. The kakkerlakkenonderzoek received the prize in Biology for it.

from A professor from Iran, Iman Farahbakhsh, has been awarded for its luierverversmachine in July 2018 in the United States, patented.

Other awards went to research on how and why the wombats cube-shaped drollenlaten, why are scratching, after skin itching pleasant as it can be, and what is the paper money that’s where most exposed to dirt, it is. That last one turns out to deRoemeense By it.

From the acceptatiespeech to the winner (s), take care that they do not have the required period of time, so there was a little girl, repeatedly shouting “please Stop, I’m bored”. The winners of the Ig Nobel prize, receive a traditional top of the 10 trillion Zimbabwe dollar with a worthless ticket and a handshake from the Nobel prize.