Ypres, of those Who in the church of St. john, a 25-kilogram bronze bell from 1728 stolen? Ask that question to the residents of the Belgian municipality of Sint-Jan are. “We have to hope that the thief’s repentance, and the clock back, like a year and a half ago, and it came in Westouter,” says the treasurer, Jenny Vandenbulcke of the church. Wednesday is already a supplier of closed-circuit television cameras along the road.

, The theft dates back to the day before all saints ‘ day was observed at the morning service on the great day. “On Wednesday, it was: the clock is still there,” says Jenny, Vandenbulcke (83). The woman was not only the treasurer of the church, but it is also geschiedeniskenner, and the author of a book about St. Joe. “Our church is open every day from 9 till 18 o’clock. Anyone can freely get on and off. The missing clock is shown on the left in the front row, in a spot that is not visible when you are in the church. They were fixed in a wooden frame, but that turned out not to be a problem for the thief.”